Choice Picks for Media Folks – April Issue 4

Selected news articles from ‘Singapore’ sources in — Issue 4 covers 20-28 Mar 16.

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BOOKS; Millennials monetise minor miseries through novels
Business Times Singapore, 22 April 2016, 1023 words, Jessica Contrera , (English)
FIFTEEN months ago, an aspiring actress and artist began writing pithy little four-line poems about the micro-struggles of 20-something life. Illustrating them with her own whimsical drawings, Samantha Jayne Siegel posted them to Instagram

Ernest Wong to return to Mediacorp as chairman
TODAY (Singapore), 22 April 2016, 572 words, (English)
SINGAPORE — Mediacorp yesterday announced the appointment of Mr Ernest Wong as a board director and chairman-designate.
In his previous stint with the media and broadcasting group, Mr Wong served as group chief executive officer and board

Global: Press freedom violations up 14 per cent
The PANPA Bulletin, 21 April 2016, 398 words, The Newspaper Works, (English)
The 2016 World Press Freedom Index reveals a “deep and disturbing decline in respect for media freedom”, with global press freedom violations up 14 per cent in the past three years.

How this ‘job version of Kickstarter’ aims to help firms find the right talent
Channel NewsAsia, 20:23, 20 April 2016, 1719 words, (English)
SINGAPORE: For companies looking to hire the right talent, the approach of dangling carrots will not go far, according to the founder of Japanese start-up Wantedly.

Book reading in China turns a new page with mobile tech
MyPaper, 20 April 2016, 552 words, (English)
PEOPLE in China are reading more books, which may be attributed in part to mobile technology.

On the radio ; Two events at the National Museum commemorate 80 years of radio, while DJs reveal what makes radio tick
TODAY (Singapore), 20 April 2016, 1140 words, Christopher Toh, (English)
This Friday, two new exhibitions open at the National Museum that celebrate the 80th anniversary of the oldest broadcast medium in Singapore — radio.

Some radio milestones through the decades
TODAY (Singapore), 20 April 2016, 623 words, Christopher Toh, (English)
SINGAPORE — We take radio for granted these days, and it is hard to imagine that once upon a time, there was only one means of broadcast and only one station beaming music and news out to everybody on the island. Now, we have programmes in

Google searches for more eyeballs with live, 360-degree YouTube videos ; Cannot make it to that music concert or sports game? Google is offering the next-best thing
TODAY (Singapore), 20 April 2016, 498 words, (English)
SAN FRANCISCO — Google is adding live, 360-degree video and audio to its YouTube videos, as the company seeks to capture people’s attention and advertisers’ budgets with more elaborate content.

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