Choice Picks for Media Folks – May Issue 1

Selected news articles from ‘Singapore’ sources in — Issue 1 covers 29 Apr to 5 May 16.

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How the Korean pop juggernaut keeps churning out new acts such as Red Velvet and Royal Pirates
The Straits Times, 4 May 2016, 1290 words, Gwendolyn Ng, (English)
As new music groups keep forming, what does it take for Korean pop star wannabes to stand out in the saturated industry?
Just a few years ago, many could name popular Korean pop acts such as Girls’ Generation, BigBang and Psy, even if they

SPECIAL REPORT; Philippines election: The politics of charm
The Straits Times, 3 May 2016, 1498 words, Raul Dancel Philippines Correspondent In Manila, (English)
Songs, selfies and plenty of T-shirts – candidates in the Philippines are well versed in charming their way into the hearts of the people
For about 15 minutes, Mr Ruffy Biazon navigated a maze of alleys three-men wide that snaked through a

‘Like’ it or not, social media makes its presence felt in Bt Batok by-election ; Chee, Murali both using Facebook to garner support, but are voters paying attention?
TODAY (Singapore), 3 May 2016, 1381 words, Wong Casandra and Wong Pei Ting Casandra Wong, (English)
SINGAPORE — On paper, the Bukit Batok by-election began on April 27 when the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) Murali Pillai and the Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) Dr Chee Soon Juan emerged as the official candidates for the May 7 poll.

Multi-disciplinary approach works for local PR firm
Business Times Singapore, 2 May 2016, 1816 words, Mindy Tan , (English)
The directors at Asia PR Werkz specialise in a wide range of areas ranging from health care and lifestyle to litigation.

Never too young for social media: Parents setting up Facebook and Instagram accounts for kids
The Straits Times, 1 May 2016, 1066 words, Venessa Lee, (English)
Parents are setting up Facebook and Instagram accounts to chart and share the growing-up years of their children, some as young as a few months old

Good move by PrimaDeli: PR expert
The New Paper, 30 April 2016, 216 words, (English)
Large companies can be guided by good values and ethics, but their employees might not be well trained enough to avoid certain situations, said a public relations (PR) veteran, Ms Rose Tan.

MCI workplan seminar; Govt looks to push e-citizen services on mobile devices MCI workplan seminar
The Straits Times, 29 April 2016, 404 words, Irene Tham, (English)
Agencies to share citizens’ data to anticipate needs, make life simpler
Soon, you may not need to seek out the Government for a service that you need. The government service will come to you on your mobile device.

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