Latest Prints – Communication Policy & Research


2 Introducing communication research : paths of inquiry
Treadwell, Donald.
Sage, 2017
Call No: P91.3.T784 2017
2 Controversies in digital ethics
Booth, Paul.
Bloomsbury Academic, 2016
Call No: P94.C764
3 Quantitative research methods for communication : a hands-on approach
Wrench, Jason S.
Oxford University Press, 2016
Call No:P91.3.Q1 2016
4 U.S. media and elections in flux : dynamics and strategies
Jones, David A. (David Adam).
Routledge, 2016
Call No: P95.82.U6J76
5 Sustainable media : critical approaches to media and environment
Starosielski, Nicole.
Routledge, 2016
Call No: P96.E57S964
6 Visual storytelling – infographic design in news
Dong, Zhao.
The Images Publishing Group, 2015
Call No: PN4784.P5V834
7 Towards equity in global communication?
Nordenstreng, Kaarle.
Hampton Press, 2016
Call No: HM1206.T737 2016
8 The Artemis archetype in popular culture : essays on fiction, film and television
Bobby, Susan Redington.
McFarland & Company, 2016
Call No: P94.5.W65A786
9 Democracy and media in Central and Eastern Europe 25 years on
Dobek-Ostrowska, Bogusława.
Peter Lang, 2015
Call No: P95.82.E85D383
9 Global media literacy in a digital age : teaching beyond borders
De Abreu, Belinha S.
Peter Lang, 2016
Call No: LB1043.G562


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