Choice Picks for Media Folks – June Issue 3

Selected news articles from ‘Singapore’ sources in — Issue 3 covers 8-14 June 16.

Read the full-text by searching the Internet (if public sources are available) or by searching (Click here for a guide on how to search).



Culture Vulture; Lessons for Singapore’s nascent writing scene learnt at a Korean residency
The Straits Times, 14 June 2016, 1193 words, Clara Chow, (English)
Giving aspiring writers a place where they can live, work with and learn from established ones may help bolster the support network in the literary circle

The Life Interview With K. Rajagopal: Late bloomer takes flight
The Straits Times, 13 June 2016, 1756 words, John Lui, (English)
Self-taught film-maker K. Rajagopal’s first full-length feature was picked for the International Critics’ Week at the Cannes film festival
He is 51. In film-making terms, K. Rajagopal should be a veteran, releasing box sets of his work, with

‘Cloned’ and exposed: A cautionary tale for photojournalism
The Straits Times, 12 June 2016, 1220 words, Desmond Lim, (English)
Something caught my eye when I was sifting through a pile of old magazines at a second-hand bookstore in Bras Basah Complex 10 years ago. Framed by the familiar yellow border of the National Geographic magazine, the intense gaze of an

Serve court papers – via Facebook
The Straits Times, 10 June 2016, 541 words, K.C. Vijayan, (English)
Court okays use of electronic means beyond e-mail if defendant cannot be reached in person
Court papers can be served through Facebook, Skype or Internet message boards on defendants who cannot be reached in person, the High Court has ruled.

R21 rating stays for documentary on alleged Marxist plot detainees as filmmaker’s appeal is dismissed
The Straits Times, 9 June 2016, 663 words, (English)
SINGAPORE – The Films Appeal Committee (FAC), an independent panel, has dismissed filmmaker Jason Soo’s appeal for a PG13 rating for his documentary on detainees arrested in 1987 over an alleged Marxist plot.

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