Catching Sherlock Sight

Sherlock Holmes

A terrible crime has just taken place and the police are baffled. Now if this was 1887 London, there would only be one man to call. He would be accompanied by his friend, partner and collegue, Dr John Watson and his name would be Sherlock Holmes.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle thought up this character almost 130 years ago and till today, films and TV series are being made about this eccentric character. While some of the adaptations have stayed true to the era in which he lived in (Sherlock Holmes the movies), other adaptations have brought the character to the modern day setting (Sherlock Holmes the series by BBC). You could even say some of today’s investigative dramas are based on the how Sherlock and Watson worked on criminal cases.

The one thing that I love about Sherlock is his keen sense of observation. The way he looks at people and he knows where they have been or what they have done. Sherlock was based on a real person, a professor from Sir Doyle’s University could go just that.

We communicate more than we think without even realizing, from the way we walk, dress and behave. Many people take this for granted. People today are buried in their phones or tablets, we sometimes don’t see what is right in front of us in the people around us.

Here are some of Sherlock and Watson’s adventures from our NTU Libraries Collection, maybe you too might catch Sherlock Sight as well.

The Darken Room of Summer

(Time Magazine’s Richard Corliss tells us about his picks for the best movies)

The middle of the year is here and in most parts of the world this means summer is on the way. In Singapore, we don’t really have summer but, there is another great way to tell when summer is here–THE MOVIE BLOCKBUSTER SEASON.

Yes, summer usually means the season of the movie blockbusters and movies will be fighting for your attention. I am sure you already know what movies are coming out soon (it is practically impossible to miss the trailers).

But as you watch this season’s new releases, think back to what you would consider the best movies of the last 12 years. Maybe even have a movie night at home with your favourite movies, snacks, friends and family. (Or if you prefer a movie night all by yourself).

You can search the NTU Libraries catalogue to borrow some of your favourite movies on DVD and Blu Ray.

No matter what you do, enjoy the darken room of summer.

Superheroes and so much more

Batgirl was a librarianLike many people, this Labour Day Public Holiday, I went to catch the new Iron Man movie. Truth be told, I am a little bit of a fan when it comes to comic book heroes. I don’t collect the comics but I am always interested to see how different the movie portrayal of the character is from the actual comic book version. I look up books and visit websites to compare the differences and to read what people have to say. (I can’t help it, I am a librarian).

As I was looking up some information, I found out that Batgirl was actually a librarian. She was a librarian by day and crime-fighting super hero by night. Although the comic books did portray librarians in a stereotypical way, with the glasses, hair bun and boring buttoned-up suits, the comic book portrayal did get one thing right. That is, we as librarians will always come to the rescue when you need help with your resources, day or night. There is no rest for superheroes.

While superhero movies are always filled with action, excitement and interesting characters, these movies have a deeper meaning to them from a cultural and social perspective. These films bring forth the questions of power, politics and propaganda in interesting ways. It may not always be apparent to the movie goer but these messages are there.

So if you want to understand the deeper side of superheroes, here are some books and DVDs  in NTU Libraries that may interest you. Or if you want to catch up on your superhero flicks, here are some movies for you to watch.

Here a short animated film about Captain Awesome, see what he has to endure to be a hero.