Graphically Novel Book Display @ Communication and Information Library

An extension of the thematic display in Art, Design & Media Library, the ‘Graphically Novel’ book display is now at the Communication and Information Library (CMIL), from 15 September to 30 September 2015.

The display features books from prominent graphic novelists & comic artists. These books are filled with beautifully illustrated story lines. You can borrow these books straight from the display.

Below is a list of books on display.

We hope to see you all at the library

The voyeurs
Bell, Gabrielle.
Uncivilized Books,2012.
Black hole
Burns, Charles, 1955-
Pantheon Books,c2005.
The hive
Burns, Charles, 1955-
Pantheon Books,c2012.
The unwritten. [5], On to genesis
Carey, Mike, 1959-
DC Comics,c2012.
Twentieth century eightball
Clowes, Daniel.
Ghost world
Clowes, Daniel.
Ediciones La Cupula,c2004.
Ice Haven : Reservoir Books
Clowes, Daniel.
The absolute sandman
Gaiman, Neil.
DC Comics,2006-
PR6057.A319G141 V1
The annotated Sandman
Gaiman, Neil.
DC Comics,c2011-
PN6728.S26G141 V1
Walt & Skeezix
King, Frank, 1883-1969.
Drawn & Quarterly Books,2005-
PN6728.G3K52 V1
The Phantom : the complete series. The King years
King Features Syndicate.
Hermes Press,2012.
A wrinkle in time : the graphic novel
Larson, Hope.
Farrar Straus Giroux,2012.
Sweet tooth. 4, Endangered species
Lemire, Jeff.
Batman : the Dark Knight returns
Miller, Frank, 1957-
DC Comics,c2002.
Absolute Dark Knight
Miller, Frank, 1957-
DC Comics,2006.
Batman : year one
Miller, Frank, 1957-
DC Comics,c2005.
Miller, Frank, 1957-
Dark Horse Books,c2006.
Absolute Ronin
Miller, Frank, 1957-
DC Comics,c2008.
The fixer : a story from Sarajevo
Sacco, Joe.
Drawn & Quarterly,2003.
Notes from a defeatist
Sacco, Joe.
Jonathan Cape,2003.
Sacco, Joe.
Jonathan Cape,2003, c2001.
A drifting life
Tatsumi, Yoshihiro, 1935-
Drawn and Quarterly ;2009.
The Push man, and other stories
Tatsumi, Yoshihiro, 1935-
Drawn & Quarterly :2005, c1969.
Abandon the old in Tokyo
Tatsumi, Yoshihiro, 1935-
Drawn & Quarterly,2006.
Tatsumi, Yoshihiro, 1935-
Drawn & Quarterly Publications,2008.
Blankets : an illustrated novel
Thompson, Craig, 1975-
Top Shelf,c2003.
New York drawings : a decade of covers, comics, illustrations, and sketches from the pages of The New Yorker and beyond
Tomine, Adrian, 1974-
Drawn & Quarterly,2012.
Jimmy Corrigan : the smartest kid on earth
Ware, Chris, 1967-
Pantheon Books,2000.
Quimby the mouse : or comic strips, 1990-1991
Ware, Chris, 1967-
Jonathan Cape,c2003.
The ACME novelty date book : sketches and diary pages in facsimile. [Volume two], 1995-2002
Ware, Chris, 1967-
Drawn and Quarterly ;2007.
Willingham, Bill.
DC Comics,c2002-<c2010>
PN6727.W52F121 V1
Fables : 1001 nights of snowfall
Willingham, Bill.
Vertigo/DC Comics,c2006.
Fables : the deluxe edition
Willingham, Bill.
DC Comics,c2009-
PN6727.W52F121d V1
Tales of colossus
Andrews, Mark.
Image Comics,c2006.
Scooped! : the third Piled higher and deeper comic strip collection
Cham, Jorge.
Piled Higher and Deeper Pub.,c2007.
The graphic canon
Kick, Russell.
Seven Stories Press,c2012.
PN6714.G766 V1
Maus : a survivor’s tale
Spiegelman, Art.
Pantheon Books,1986-1991.
D810.J4S755 V1
In the shadow of no towers
Spiegelman, Art.
Pantheon Books,c2004.
Thompson, Craig, 1975-
Pantheon Books,c2011.
Vietnamerica : a family’s journey
Tran, G. B. (Gia-Bao), 1976-
Villard Books,c2010.
Pride of Baghdad
Vaughan, Brian K.
DC Comics,c2006.
Life is tough and then you graduate : the second Piled higher and deeper comic strip collection
Cham, Jorge.
Piled Higher and Deeper Pub.,c2002.
Piled higher and deeper : a graduate student comic strip collection
Cham, Jorge.
Piled Higher and Deeper Pub.,c2002.
The sandman
Gaiman, Neil.
DC Comics,c2010-
PN6728.S26G141s 2010 V2
The left bank gang
Gunn, Jason.
Fantagraphics Books,c2005.
On a street in Singapore : a comic view of Singapore
James Suresh.
Training Plus,c2010.
Frank Miller’s Sin City
Miller, Frank, 1957-
Dark Horse Books,2005-
PN6727.M55F828 V2
The quitter
Pekar, Harvey.
DC Comics,c2005.
The complete Persepolis
Satrapi, Marjane, 1969-
Pantheon Books,[c2007]
Beowulf : monster slayer
Storrie, Paul D.

So Happy – 50 Years of Singapore Rock @ NTU Libraries

(This exhibition at NTU Libraries was made possible through the support from the NTU Arts Appreciation Series as part of the Dorothy Cheung Memorial Fund. This project is supported under the Singapore Memory Project’s irememberSG Fund, as part of the Singapore50 (SG50) celebrations) 

fFurious presents “So Happy: 50 Years Of Singapore Rock,” a retrospective exhibition of the local rock music community’s finest moments from the 1960s to the present day. The exhibition’s title was inspired by the 1991 radio hit, “So Happy,” recorded by Singapore indie band The Oddfellows.

At the heart of the “So Happy” exhibition is a timeline of 100 photographs showing prominent local rock bands from each decade. Accompanying the photographs are captions that tell a story about each band, written by individuals who are passionate about the local music industry.

The exhibition will also feature a collection of artefacts—vinyl records, cassettes, and a music mix and video interviews with 10 personalities who have made a difference in our rock history.

NTU Libraries showcases this exhibition across 5 library spaces. Follow this musical journey through the decades across the different spaces and experience an exhibition like no other.

The exhibition will run at all the libraries from 3 August 2015 till 1 September 2015

Humanities & Social Sciences Library

1970s & 1980s
Business Library

Communication & Information Library

Art, Design & Media Library

Library Outpost @ South Spine Learning Hub

Lighting the way for film makers today



Did you know that it was 120 years ago, on December 28, 1895, when the very first public film screening was held in Paris, at the Saloon Indien du Grand Café. The pair responsible for this screening was, of course, the Lumiere Brothers.

I bet you then, they could never have imagined the massive impact this small event would have on the history of the world. It literally crafted out a multi-billion dollar industry, and changed the way we look at entertainment. Recently in Paris, this 120th anniversary was marked by a special exhibition in their honour.

Filmmaking is a blend of art and science, and while today we see a lot of this kind of collaboration, when the Lumiere brothers started, this kind of collaboration was something rarely explored. They were also very quick to patent their invention, which was a good move on their part.

There has been a lot of criticism about the quality of the films today, with many complaining about the quality of the scriptwriting, over-budget productions, mindless violence, and not to forget, the constant remakes and reboot of old movies.

But truthfully where would we be if the brothers never had that screening. Let’s just say it would be a whole lot less entertaining. So cheers to the Lumiere Brothers!

Some interesting sites to visit:


Dear WKWSCI Class of 2015,

After benefiting from the contributions of your seniors, it’s now your turn to leave behind your legacy.

Submit your final approved FYP reports and accompanying materials to NTU’s Digital Repository (DR-NTU).

If you have print publications, please arrange for a copy to be donated to the Library. Thank you!



  1. Final approved reports are those that have been reworked after your oral presentation and approved by your supervisor.
  2. Accompanying materials refer to works such as videos, publications, or other collaterals.

If you’ve any questions on archiving FYPs, please speak to a Library staff.

World Health Day – Health Communication



The World Health Organisation celebrates World Health Day on 7 April every year, so what better time to look at the subject of Health Communication.

Health Communication has always been an important and vital subject, and with the onset of the Internet and social media, this form of communication has a whole new avenue to spread those important messages.

But health communication is more than just about the message, it is about the people to whom those messages are communicated to, how those messages will be perceived and their impact. Those messages are vitally important and many a times it could mean the difference between life or death. Think about the recent Ebola epidemic and the Dengue outbreak and you will realize how important crafting and executing those messages are.

This year, the theme for World Health Day is the proper preparation of food and food safety. If you were to embark on promoting such a campaign, how would you execute it?

The library has a wealth of books on Health Communication; all you have to do is click here and then head to the library to borrow these items.

Have a safe day.

That Light-bulb Moment


When you look up the word ‘idea’ in the online dictionary (or in the actual physical dictionary), you will see that this word means: ‘a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action’ or ‘the aim or purpose’.

We need creativity and inspiration to come up with solutions to our problems, do our projects and even write blog posts. But sometimes inspiration and ideas are hard to come by.

So to help you along, here are some sites you may want to look up to get that spark going. The Library subscribes to WGSN Home Build Life, an interesting database packed with creative ideas and trends. All these are great places to get some inspiration and to see what others around the globe are working on, and who knows, you may get a bright idea yourself.

May your bright ideas illuminate your journeys through life.

From the web

Library Subscribed Database
WGSN Home Build Life

The State of Digital Business in Asia Pacific

Date: 8 April 2015 (Wednesday)
Time: 12.00pm – 1:30pm
Venue: Free-Style Room, Nanyang Technopreneurship Center, Research Techno Plaza (RTP/XF 02-04H)

About this talk

Forrester’s research shows 85% of companies don’t have the skills and resources to deliver on their digital business transformation. How do organisations address the opportunity for digital transformation with their customers? Are they educating and enabling your sales and marketing teams to target this revenue opportunity?
Forrester explains that organisations go through three major phases in their journey towards becoming a digital business:

  • Digital Experience
  • Digitised Processes
  • Digital Business

In this session, Frederic will help you understand the typical challenges that organisations are facing in their digital transformation journeys,and the impacts on your organisation from a sales and marketing point of view. Join us to understand how the competitive environment is changing from a technology services point of view to address these digital opportunities.

About the speaker
Frederic Giron, VP and Research Director serving CIO Professionals

Register now for this talk today


Women in Communication

Strong Women

If you are reading this on 8 March and there is a lady sitting near you, turn and wish her Happy International Women’s Day.

UNESCO has set aside this day every year to celebrate women and their achievements and there is no better day to take a look at women in the field of communication.

And being the good librarian that I am, I have done up some resources concentrating on women and communication.

Below are some books to check out, but if you are more of the visual type, there is also a list of movies to borrow. These lists are by no means exhaustive, I am sure you have your own take on some great books and movies dealing with the feminine mystic. The United Nations also have a list of resources on Gender and Women’s Issues.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Women in Mass Communication
Women and Advertising
Women and Stereotype

The Iron Lady
Pretty Woman
Women without Men
Why women count
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Birds
Breakfast at Tiffany

The New York Times – Anatomy of a Screen

Image taken from 'Anatomy of a Scene' site from The New York Times

Have you watched a really great movie and admired the way the scene or scenes were shot. The colour, balance, framing and lighting, then you may be interested to check out The New York Times – Anatomy of a Screen.

The site allows you to take a close look at selected scenes from various movies. You will be able to hear from the directors themselves on why they chose to film these scenes in that particular manner.

If you need a little inspiration for your next film project, take a look and listen and maybe you might get a creative spark, if not, it is a great site to learn more about your favourite movies

The Write and the Wrong

Is there a guaranteed formula for a blockbuster film? A definite strategy that will ensure the movie produced will in fact bring in the cash?

In an industry where, let’s face it, making money is one of the most important things, it is not surprising that many scriptwriters feel pressured to change their scripts to suit the film studios’ ‘idea’ of a blockbuster. This often results in screenwriter seeing their work butchered and the storyline changed and sometimes even without prior knowledge.

Here is a recent article from The Guardian which looks at the “heavy-handed script editing’ by film bosses. Many scriptwriters see this as an insult to their work and profession, accusing film bosses of bleeding the industry of actual talent.

Suffice to say, independent films don’t suffer as much from this ‘heavy-handedness’ as compared to the films which are produced by larger studios.

But when push comes to shove, what will you do if you were a scriptwriter? Would you sacrifice getting your script made into a film because you do not want to change anything or would you give in? Where will you draw the line?

From Print to Screen and Back Again

Movie novelization

How do films and television series maintain their popularity after their time in the spotlight has ended?

One way is to turn to the publishing world. Many series and movies franchise their stories to books or comics —  think James Bond, Star Wars and now Sons of Anarchy. The irony of this is many series and movies started out as printed works in the first place.

For the most part,  this is a marketing tool to make sure the characters stay fresh in the minds of the fans, and at the same time trying to appeal to a whole new group of people. Plus it is also a great way to bring in extra revenue.

A recent article in the New York Times, talks about this very strategy. It is interesting to look at the pros and cons of such a strategy. Vanity Fair, also did a story on this, you can read the article here. Novelization, as it is called, is not a new practice, it has been around for a while, and did you know there is even an ‘International Association of Media Tie in Writers’. The organisation supports these writers and promotes best practices.

There is more than meets the eye to novelization. It does play a part in the big media business cycle, but as technology changes the way people talk about content on the big and small screen, is there still a market for such material and if not, what does the next chapter of the industry look like?

Safety and a Show

It’s the end of the year and many are making plans to travel. We travel so much nowadays; getting on a plane, to many of us, is no more a unique experience. We get on and off planes like we get on and off buses or trains.

And admit it, you don’t pay attention to the safety video anymore, do you?

So to get you to look and listen to these videos, airlines (for a while now) have been trying to jazz up their on-board safety videos. The most famous of course are the Air New Zealand ones with the Hobbits, Dwarfs and anything else from Lord of the Rings.

But these videos also serve as a great promotional and advertising tool. People blog about them, Facebook their comments after watching and even rate them, like this blog site. Also unlike a commercial on television you cannot just turn the television off or flip to a new channel. These videos are fun and well-made so you get the best of both worlds.

There is not much research into the ‘safety video’ as a promotional or advertising tool, but it could make for an interesting paper (hint hint if you need ideas for an upcoming assignment).

So pay attention next time to these videos, you could learn a thing or two, and not just where the exits are.