Latest Print Titles- Journalism & Publishing

1 Search : theory and practice in journalism online
Dick, Murray.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
Call No: PN4784.O62D547
2 Foreign news on television : where in the world is the global village?
Cohen, Akiba A.
Peter Lang, 2013.
Call No: PN4784.F6F714f
3 Journalism research and investigation in a digital world
Tanner, Stephen J. (Stephen John)
Oxford University Press, 2013.
Call No: PN4784.R38J86
4 No limits : media studies from India
Sundaram, Ravi.
Oxford University Press, 2013.
Call No: P92.I7N739
5 Memory of fire : images of war and the war of images
Stallabrass, Julian
Photoworks, 2013.
Call No: TR820.6.M533
6 A global standard for reporting conflict
Lynch, Jake.
Routledge, 2014.
Call No: PN4784.V56L987
7 Journalism of ideas : brainstorming, developing, and selling stories in the digital age
Reimold, Daniel, 1981-
Routledge, 2013.
Call No: PN4784.O62R363
8 Climate change in the media : reporting risk and uncertainty
Painter, James
I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd in association with the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford, 2013.
Call No: P96.E57P148
9 Agenda setting in a 2.0 world : new agendas in communication : a tribute to Maxwell McCombs
Johnson, Thomas, 1960-
Routledge, 2014.
Call No: P95.8.A265
10 The future of quality news journalism : a cross-continental analysis
Anderson, Peter J., 1954-
Routledge, 2014.
Call No: PN4815.2.F996

Latest Print Titles – Journalism & Publishing

1 Social media for journalists : principles & practice
Knight, Megan.
SAGE, 2013.
Call No: PN4784.E5K71
2 A Jewish professor’s political punditry : fifty-plus years of published commentary
Rubin, Ron.
Syracuse University Press, 2013.
Call No: PN4874.R7525J59
3 The wired city : reimagining journalism and civic life in the post-newspaper age
Kennedy, Dan, 1956-
University of Massachusetts Press, 2013.
Call No: PN4784.O62K35
4 Territorial patterns of innovation : an inquiry on the knowledge economy in European regions
Capello, Roberta, 1962-
Routledge, 2013.
Call No: HD30.2.T327
5 Bottrop-ebel 76
Wolf, Michael.
Peperoni Books, 2012.
Call No: TR820.5.W854
6 Journalism and media convergence
Nienstedt, Heinz-Werner.
De Gruyter, 2013.
Call No: PN4784.M34J86
7 Who’s who in research. Media studies
Intellect, 2013.
Call No: P91.5.G7W628
8 Global journalism : theory and practice
Berglez, Peter.
Peter Lang, 2013.
Call No: PN4775.B498
9 How to write short : word craft for fast times
Clark, Roy Peter
Little, Brown and Company, 2013.
Call No: PE1408.C594
10 Freedom of expression revisited : citizenship and journalism in the digital era
Carlsson, Ulla.
Nordicom, 2013.
Call No: K3253.F853r

Go-Far 2013 Exhibition at NTU Libraries

NTU Libraries is proud to present the Go-Far 2013 Exhibition, held from:

  • 7 – 26 October at the Communication & Information Library, and
  • 11 – 29 November at the Lee Wee Nam Library

Two year ago, on 11 March, 2011, a powerful earthquake of magnitude-9 shook Japan and unleashed a devastating tsunami, causing massive destruction.

Up till today, the people affected are still picking up the pieces.

As part of Go-Far (Going Overseas For Advanced Reporting) — a journalism programme run by the WKWSCI — a team of 13 students went to Japan to learn more about the aftermath, and they have produced this exhibition to share with you.

Go-Far 2013 (Ishinomaki, Japan)


In conjunction with this exhibition, there is also a special Book Display of related titles.

In Singapore, many of us have never encountered a large-scale natural disaster; it is not easy to understand or imagine what the people of Japan are going through. Visit this exhibition to find out more!

Latest Print Titles – Journalism & Publishing

1 Photo Journalism
Yapp, Nicholas.
H. F. Ullmann, 2012.
Call No: TR820.Y25
2 Narco estado : drug violence in Mexico
Voeten, Teun.
Lannoo, c2012.
Call No: HV6535.M43V876
3 The rise of the fifth estate : social media and blogging in Australian politics
Jericho, Greg.
Scribe Publications, 2012.
Call No: PN4751.J55
4 News media in the Arab world : a study of 10 Arab and Muslim countries
Gunter, Barrie.
Bloomsbury Academic, 2013.
Call No: PN5359.N558
5 Stammheim : eine Gebäudemonografie
Magdanz, Andreas.
Hatje Cantz, 2012.
Call No: TR650.M189
6 Bending the frame : photojournalism, documentary, and the citizen
Ritchin, Fred.
Aperture, 2013.
Call No: TR820.R611b
7 Fallen sports heroes, media, and celebrity culture
Wenner, Lawrence A.
P. Lang, c2013.
Call No: GV706.5.F194
8 Media smackdown : deconstructing the news and the future of journalism
Aamidor, Abraham.
Peter Lang, 2013.
Call No: PN4815.2.A112
9 Popular culture and new media : the politics of circulation
Beer, David, 1977-
Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
Call No: HM621.B415
10 Murdoch’s politics : how one man’s thirst for wealth and power shapes our world
McKnight, David, 1951-
Pluto Press, 2013.
Call No: P92.5.M87M974

Weekender – A New Print Newspaper in Singapore

Weekender - Print Newspaper

Weekender –  A New Print Newspaper


You are not likely to find this story in The Straits Times, Today, and most other mainstream, for-profit media.

I started to receive this newspaper at my home perhaps about half a year ago, and I didn’t think much about it. I had thought that it was just one of those supplements that came with my Straits Times subscription.

Some time later, I realised that this was something quite different. It was actually delivered on a Friday night, and it wasn’t a Chinese tabloid.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a brand new newspaper! And a social enterprise was producing it.

As a Communication Librarian, I was intrigued.

I didn’t think that anyone or any company in Singapore would ever see the financial sense of competing head-on against the media giants Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and MediaCorp.

And given the current debate on newspaper licensing for online websites, I also wondered what it was like to apply for a newspaper permit in Singapore, even though this story was going to be about a print newspaper.

And so, I conducted an email interview with the “humble team” at Weekender to find out more.



Mr Frank Young, 49, was studying for his Master’s degree a few years ago when he spotted a gap in the marketplace for “a large-circulation lifestyle publication”.

Young said: “As I was doing my research for business projects, I discovered a need that was unmet… and based on my calculations there was tremendous potential.”

“Meeting unmet needs profitably is the foundation of any sustainable enterprise. By creating this enterprise opportunity, another opportunity presented itself as well – the potential to hire disadvantaged to deliver the papers on a weekly basis.”

Young presented a proposal to the Ministry of Social & Family Affairs (MSF), who agreed to support the social aspect of the operations.

For the business aspect, he roped in Mr David Phey, 50, a fellow veteran in the advertising industry.

Young shared: “David was instrumental in attracting the attention of an investment company, Centurion Corporation, which were quite keen on the idea of an enterprise with dual mission – Profitability and Social responsibility.”

As expected, it required “millions” of dollars to start a print newspaper. Centurion Corporation became the majority shareholder, with Young and Phey contributing financially as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Next, the two founders applied for a Newspaper Permit and founded Weekender. According to Young, the application process was very straightforward.

“Simply download and fill out the form, have a good business model, a few prototypes for their evaluation.”



Weekender “provides training and employment to disadvantaged Singaporeans from CDCs (Community Development Councils), ISCOS (Industrial & Services Co-operative Society Ltd) and IMH (Institute of Mental Health)”.

Disadvantaged Singaporeans make up over 40 per cent of the company’s staff strength.

Depending on their talents and capabilities, the jobs that they do include writing, newspaper distribution, and office admin work. About half of the staff at Weekender work in the editorial and sales departments.

It is Young’s hope to help the disadvantaged people re-integrate back into society, and he is fiercely protective of their identities.

When I asked to interview some of his workers, Young explained: “These disadvantaged do not want to be known for the past as ex-offenders, suffering from bi-polar syndrome or being single mothers. It’s very personal and very private.”

“I know there are many companies who parade their disadvantaged people as promotional elements. Doing so continues to stigmatize them publicly… I know it’s hard to believe, but they simply aspire to be treated as normal people.”

Young directed me to the IMH Job Club, where Ms Camellia Soon, a vocational specialist, was willing to share that the employment opportunities provided by Weekender has benefited more than 10 of her clients.

She added: “Besides giving our clients employment, the job of newspaper distribution also helps train our clients in areas of physical stamina, social interaction and independence. This is very important as it is an opportunity for those recovering from mental illness to further improve themselves, physically, mentally and emotionally.”



Despite its status as a social enterprise, Weekender faces the same business challenges like any other profit-driven media organisation.

Young explained: “Our biggest challenge from the start is to break into our potential advertisers ‘considered set’. As a challenger brand against two very large and very established organisations (SPH and Mediacorp), trying to convince advertisers to try something new requires us to change their behaviour.”

“Being a social enterprise is not a competitive advantage. In fact most in the B2B (Business-to-Business) sphere, where we operate, people don’t know what a social enterprise is. And people seldom buy from companies they don’t understand. If people do understand it, there may be some advantages but only in very specific cases.”

In less than a year since its inaugural issue in October 2012, Weekender has become the third-largest circulation newspaper in Singapore, with 230,000 copies circulated weekly via a proprietary system of distribution.

Digital copies of the weekly issues are also available online in PDF format via their website.

Weekender is distributed on Fridays. Digital copies of the weekly issues in PDF format are available on their website.



In sharp contrast with the all-in-one serious news and lifestyle reporting editorial model in mainstream media, Weekender’s content is “focused on participating in events, hobbies, and info that makes people happy”.

Sections in the newspaper include Events, Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, Food, Travel, Home, Health and Wealth.

Young says: “We believe information can help to change people’s mindset, and participation in activities with family and friends is paramount to enduring happiness.”

Their editorial positioning makes Weekender an excellent choice for promoting the Arts.

Young adds: “Another effort we provide is to create awareness for various Singaporeans media artists, from filmmakers to literary artists. By creating greater awareness for them, we aim to help them succeed and by extension help make Singapore a richer, more dynamic country.”

This deliberate positioning of the paper has scored for Weekender start-up funds from the Media Development Authority (MDA).

As a business with a social bent, Weekender also promotes fellow social enterprises such as Laksania and Beat’a Box.



Overall, Weekender seems to be well appreciated by its readers.

An in-house survey conducted by Weekender among 500 people showed that 44% used the paper for ideas on what to do during weekends.

Such encouraging feedback bode well for the future of Weekender. Although the business has yet to turn financially sustainable, Young believes that their break-even point is “not very far away”.

Borrowing a phrase from GOOD magazine, Weekender appears to an excellent example of “pragmatic idealists working towards individual and collective progress”.

It remains to be seen how the birth and growth of Weekender will impact SPH and MediaCorp, but the founders are very clear about what it takes to succeed in doing good.

Young shares: “…(A)t the heart of all social enterprise is the enterprise itself… Without a sustaining enterprise, there is no social enterprise.”

  • Digital copies of Weekender in PDF format are available at
  • Support Weekender on Facebook!
  • For WKWSCI students and graduates, Weekender is “always looking for talent”. At the time of the interview, there were positions for salespeople and a content planner for the editorial department.


Credits: Images in this blog post are courtesy of Weekender Singapore.

Getting that Eyeball


So you’re at your favourite newstand or bookstore gazing at the magazines spread out in front of you, chances are you will pick up the most eye-catching cover. Be it because of the artwork, headline or in most cases (let’s just be honest), the celebrity on the cover. So it’s no wonder that magazines are working hard to get those ‘eyeballs’ – what goes on the cover is a big decision for many magazines.

In the last few months two magazines have come under fire for their decision of ‘cover men’. TIME Magazine placed a Buddhist monk on the cover with allegations of terrorism and the Rolling Stones Magazine placed the Boston Marathon bomber on the cover of their magazine. These ‘cover men’ sparked off a hail storm of comments and criticism, threats of boycott and libel.

Controversial covers

Over the years there have been many controversial covers, this is not the first or I dare say the last time such things have happened. The magazine industry is not the only industry that uses shocking images, think about print advertising, newspaper headlines and even album covers.

Are these images meant to make a statement or just to get you to buy the product?

NTU Libraries has an array of materials on this topic. Try looking for materials in the NTU Libraries Catalogue. Use keywords like ‘controversy in the media’ or ‘attention grabbing images’

Go to the Books and Videos section and type in ‘fame’ and ‘celebrities’ into the search box to look at some of the materials we have on this topic.

Basic Search

Or you could try our One Search

One Search







Enter the keywords or phrase and hit ‘Go’. Results returned will contain resources from the library’s print and e-collection including subscribed databases.



It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a……..

Roswell Newspaper

Did you know that 7 July this year (2013) marks the 66th anniversary of the Roswell Incident which happened in New Mexico USA in 1947? Just in case you have never heard of this incident before, it is what some believe to be when an alien space craft crashed landed in the New Mexico desert and an autopsy was carried out on the stranded alien. The USA military had stated that the crash was actually an experimental weather balloon but conspiracy theorists have claimed it is all a cover up for the real truth – that extra-terrestrial life does exist.

The media picked up the news of this incident and it spread like wildfire all over the United States. It was the hot topic on radio and television talk shows and there was even a yearly convention started in Roswell, New Mexico. If the internet was around back then the news would have gone global in a matter of hours. Today all you have to do is google ‘UFO 1947’ and you would get all sorts of videos, blogs and websites on this conspiracy theory.

Alien Comic

If this incident shows us anything, it is the power of the media to spread the message, no matter what the message may be. In 1947, there was no internet but today we have blogs, websites and YouTube, just look at what Wikileaks has done.

The Roswell UFO incident is much more than just about extra-terrestrials, it’s about inter-connectivity as a society and the uses of the different forms of the media to communicate our ideas.

Pick us some of these books to learn more about Media and Social Impact available at our NTU Libraries.
Books on Conspiracy Theory
The encyclopaedia of conspiracies and conspiracy theories
Media Messages
Here’s a little more footage on Human – Alien Interaction

Latest Print Titles – Journalism & Publishing

1 Beyond WikiLeaks : implications for the future of communications, journalism and society
Brevini, Benedetta.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
Call No: PN4729.3.B573
2 Citizen witnessing : revisioning journalism in times of crisis
Allan, Stuart, 1962-
Polity Press, 2013
Call No: PN4781.A418
3 Modern print activism in the United States
Schreiber, Rachel.
Ashgate, 2013.
Call No: Z480.P4M689
4 Journalism and society
McQuail, Denis.
SAGE, 2013.
Call No: PN4749.M173
5 White space is not your enemy : a beginner’s guide to communicating visually through graphic, web & multimedia design
Hagen, Rebecca.
Focal Press, 2013.
Call No: NC710.G627 2013
6 Facts are sacred : the power of data
Rogers, Simon, 1967-
Faber and Faber, 2013.
Call No: PN4781.R729
7 Digital media and reporting conflict : blogging and the BBC’s coverage of war and terrorism
Bennett, Daniel.
Routledge, 2013.
Call No: PN4784.W37B471
8 The life informatic : newsmaking in the digital era
Boyer, Dominic.
Cornell University Press, 2013.
Call No: PN4784.E53B791

The Decade of Your Birth

In May, the National Geographic Channel highlighted the 80’s. Many of you reading may not have even been around in the 80’s but for those of you who were, it was a great time wasn’t it. I was born at the end of the 70’s and grew up in the 80’s and I still love the music from that decade.

But chances are, if you are an undergraduate it was the 90’s that was lucky enough to see your birth. (Ok I’m starting to feel old now). So below are some major news stories of the 90’s, some taken from Lexis Nexis Academic, which you can find in the list of News Databases.

Enjoy your blast from the past.

Major Events in the 1990 from Singapore and Around the world

Latest Print Titles – Journalism & Publishing

1 The Fox effect : how Roger Ailes turned a network into a propaganda machine
Brock, David, 1962-
Anchor Books, c2012
Call No: PN4888.T4B864
2 Medical journalism : exposing fact, fiction, fraud
Levi, Ragnar.
Iowa State University Press, 2001
Call No: PN4784.M4L664
3 The party line : how the media dictates public opinion in modern China
Young, Doug.
John Wiley & Sons Singapore, c2013
Call No: P92.C5Y69
4 Letters to a young journalist
Freedman, Samuel G.
Basic Books, 2011
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5 Reinventing professionalism : journalism and news in global perspective
Waisbord, Silvio R. (Silvio Ricardo), 1961-
Polity, 2013
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6 Global media ethics : problems and perspectives
Ward, Stephen J. A. (Stephen John Anthony), 1951- .
Wiley-Blackwell, 2013
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7 Becoming an academic writer : 50 exercises for paced, productive, and powerful writing
Goodson, Patricia, 1958-
SAGE Publications, c2013
Call No: PE1408.G655
8 Travels and tales of Miriam Green Ellis : pioneer journalist of the Canadian West
Ellis, Miriam Green.
University of Alberta Press, 2013
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9 Practicing convergence journalism : an introduction to cross-media storytelling
Kolodzy, Janet, 1955-
Routledge, 2013
Call No: PN4784.O62K81p
10 English-Chinese translation of finance and investment terms = Jing hua ban ying han jin rong ci dian English-Chinese translation of finance and investment terms = 精华版英汉金融辞典
Chung, David L.
s.n., 2012
Call No: HG101.C559

Latest Print Titles – Journalism & Publishing

1 Sports journalism : the inside track
Toney, James
Bloomsbury, 2013
Call No: PN4784.S6T664
2 Rebuilding the news : metropolitan journalism in the digital age
Anderson, C. W. (Christopher William), 1977-
Temple University Press, c2013
Call No: PN4784.T34A545
3 School shootings : mediatized violence in a global age
Muschert, Glenn W.
Emerald, 2012
Call No: P96.V5S372
4 Airbrushed nation : the lure and loathing of women’s magazines
Nelson, Jennifer, 1965-
Seal Press, 2012
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5 Crossmedia innovations : texts, markets, institutions
Ibrus, Indrek.
Peter Lang, c2012
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6 Principles of convergent journalism
Wilkinson, Jeffrey.
Oxford University Press, c2013
Call No: PN4781.W686 2013
7 Video journalism for the web : a practical introduction to documentary storytelling
Lancaster, Kurt, 1967-
Routledge, 2013
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8 Media management in the age of giants : business dynamics of journalism
Herrick, Dennis F.
University of New Mexico Press, 2012
Call No: PN4784.M34H566 2012
9 The receptionist : an education at the New Yorker
Groth, Janet, 1936
Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2012
Call No: PN4900.N35G881
10 Specialist journalism
Turner, Barry, 1954-
Routledge, 2013
Call No: PN4784.S58S741

“Press for better: former ST Chief”

“Managing the media”, a talk organised by NTU Libraries has been featured in the latest issue of Nanyang Chronicle.

You may also be interested in the following (NTU network login required):


Latest Print Titles – Journalism & Publishing

1 Media commercialization and authoritarian rule in China
Stockmann, Daniela.
Cambridge University Press, 2013
Call No: PN4748.C5S865
2 Journalism and conflict in Indonesia : from reporting violence to promoting peace
Sharp, Steve.
Routledge, 2013.
Call No: PN5449.I5S531
3 101 tragedies of Enrique Metinides
Metinides, Enrique, 1934-
Aperture, c2012.
Call No: TR820.M592
4 Deadline artists–scandals, tragedies, and triumphs : more of America’s greatest newspaper columns
Avlon, John P.
Overlook Press, 2012.
Call No: PN4726.D278d
5 Getting started with transmedia storytelling
Pratten, Robert.
Createspace, c2011
Call No: QA76.76.I59P917
6 Design for media : a handbook for students and professionals in journalism, PR and advertising
Hand, Dinah.
Pearson Education, c2013.
Call No: Z246.H236d
7 Digital enlightenment yearbook
Digital Enlightenment Forum, issuing body.
Library Holdings, 2012
Call No: HM851.D574ge 2012

Latest Print Titles – Journalism & Publishing

1 News 2.0 : can journalism survive the internet?
Hirst, Martin.
Allen & Unwin, 2011.
Call No: PN4784.O62H669
2 The New York Times guide to essential knowledge : a desk reference for the curious mind
The New York Times.
St. Martin’s Press, 2011
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3 Journalism next : a practical guide to digital reporting and publishing
Briggs, Mark, 1969-
CQ Press, c2013.
Call No: PN4833.B854 2013
4 Feature & magazine writing : action, angle, and anecdotes
David E., 1946-
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5 Media ethics at work : true stories from young professionals
Peck, Lee A.
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6 Journalism across boundaries : the promises and challenges of transnational and transborder journalism
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7 Feature writing : telling the story
Tanner, Stephen J. (Stephen John).
Oxford University Press, 2012.
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8 Key readings in journalism
King, Elliot, 1953-
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9 Objectivity in journalism
Maras, Steven.
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10 Publishing in Singapore : country report & directory of members
Singapore Book Publishers Association.
Singapore Book Publishers Association, 2011
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