The Heart of Advertising

It’s 2014 and the Lunar New Year is approaching.

The holidays — it invokes warm thoughts of joy and celebration and getting together with friends and family. This is also the perfect time for the heart-warming commercial, the best way to show audiences that large, faceless, multi-million dollar corporations do have a heart.

Last Christmas, Apple produced a commercial about a teenage boy who seems more interested with his iPhone than spending time partaking in family activities (bet that sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?).

In Asia, Chinese New Year is just as big or even bigger than Christmas, and just the right time to get to the ‘heart of advertising’. Take a look at the BERNAS advertisement below. BERNAS is a rice company and they know that nothing brings a family together like a home-cooked meal.

While these advertisements don’t seem to be directly advertising their products, they are doing something even better, linking their products with an emotion, so every time you have a feeling you remember the advert you watched and remember the product. Plus all the advertisements are well produced and look more like short films than commercials.

Happy Holidays!

Taking the Girly out of Girl

As Christmas rolls around, you will notice the commercials for toys starting to increase. But this year I noticed the toys for girls have changed. The traditional doll and princess advertisements have changed to advertisements for girl’s archery toys by Nerf. If you are familiar with Nerf, you know Nerf normally make toys for boys but this year they have released a whole new line just for girls. An American toy company named GoldieBox, is also trying to get more girls interested in construction and engineering toys.

Now all these could be due to movies like the Hunger Games and movies where the traditional princess doesn’t seem to need the prince to rescue her anymore (think Brave, Shrek and even Frozen).

So it looks like the feminist movement is charging full steam ahead – batteries not included, boys not required.

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Get Inspired – Here are 3 interesting Advertising, PR and Marketing Campaigns


So you are well into your semester and you probably have your assignments already. You may need some inspiration for your assignments. So here are 3 interesting campaigns that may inspire you.

Look at the way these campaigns use interesting ways to send out their messages. Would these tactics work in an Asian market? Think about the demographic and target market.


*Warning – After doing research on this campaign and looking at the ads I REALLY needed to get some Snickers

Making a spelling mistake on Google is pretty common, what if you turned all those misspellings into an advertising campaign? Snickers teamed up with Google to do exactly this, each time a misspelled word was detected the Snicker’s ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ campaign would be the first in the search results. Read more about the campaign here and tale a look at the video below.  See how affective the campaign was.

2) If only waiting for the bus was this fun

So you are standing at the bus stop and you realise your bus will only arrive in 30 minutes — a long wait. If only there was something interesting to do or maybe a huge bus advertisement that asked you to visit a website for something fun.

Well, Qualcomm (a telecommunication compaign) did just that and take a look at how fun it became to wait for a bus.

3) If Willy Wonka wanted you to visit him, he would………..

The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical opened in London in June 2013. But before the musical opened, as a way to promote the musical, the PR company for the musical sent journalists a thumb drive with the press release, shaped as a bar of chocolate.

The journalists liked the press release so much they started taking photos of the thumb drive and texting, tweeting and placing the photos on their Facebook page. So suffice to say their campaign worked.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Read a little more about the campaign here.

I hope these campaigns was a small source of inspiration. Good luck with the rest of the semester and remember, if you need help with your research, just ask your librarian.

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BreadTalk-Crowbar Marketing Challenge 2013

BreadTalk-Crowbar Marketing Challenge 2013

Image extracted from competition poster


This is a great opportunity for all aspiring copywriters, art directors and marketing professionals to test your skills and gain valuable experience working on a real project.

It’s a fine example of how a business can give back to the community, and at the same time, potentially gain so much more. The Crowbar Awards is widely recognised among the creative industries in Singapore. As the title sponsor, the BreadTalk Group will no doubt generate goodwill, brand recognition and mindshare among advertising agencies, media owners, and potential franchisees.

In providing participants with a “pedagogical” experience, BreadTalk will also have the opportunity to learn from them. It will be interesting to see how digital natives use social media in their marketing strategies.

BreadTalk, for those who are unfamiliar, is itself is a fine case study of how business innovation transformed the humble bread into an upscale and fancy food that instantly teased consumers’ tastebuds and wallet.

Portfolios in the BreadTalk Group includes a diverse range of food brands such as Food Republic, Din Tai Fung, The Icing Room, and Toast Box.

Check out for more information about the BreadTalk-Crowbar Marketing Challenge 2013.

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