Game Changers – The Evolution of Advertising

Cover of book

Cover of book

It is no big surprise that advertising has changed over the years. But this industry belongs to the creative, and some of the best advertisements are ones which were created by those who think out of the box.

So to celebrate 60 years of the best and the most creative advertisements in the world from the Cannes Lions Festivals, the book Game Changers – The Evolution of Advertising was produced.

The book has beautiful images of some of these advertisements, many of which will make you smile and even laugh a little. Not to mention you will probably be telling yourself how smart the agency was to advertise the product that way.

It features international brands like Audi, Coke and Carlsberg and write-ups from some of the leading ad men and women in the business.

You can borrow the book from the Communication and Information Library now.

The Darken Room of Summer

(Time Magazine’s Richard Corliss tells us about his picks for the best movies)

The middle of the year is here and in most parts of the world this means summer is on the way. In Singapore, we don’t really have summer but, there is another great way to tell when summer is here–THE MOVIE BLOCKBUSTER SEASON.

Yes, summer usually means the season of the movie blockbusters and movies will be fighting for your attention. I am sure you already know what movies are coming out soon (it is practically impossible to miss the trailers).

But as you watch this season’s new releases, think back to what you would consider the best movies of the last 12 years. Maybe even have a movie night at home with your favourite movies, snacks, friends and family. (Or if you prefer a movie night all by yourself).

You can search the NTU Libraries catalogue to borrow some of your favourite movies on DVD and Blu Ray.

No matter what you do, enjoy the darken room of summer.