Leave your legacy – Deposit your Final Year Projects

FYP Submission

Your journey at NTU is almost coming to a close. But before you leave, do remember to deposit your Final Year Project (FYP)  reports into NTU’s Digital Repository. This is so your juniors and the school will have access to your reports in the future.

Here are the instructions to help you deposit your reports, and below are some things to keep in mind before you submit.

  • Only deposit the final report which has been approved by your supervisor, with all edits and changes incorporated.
  • Files above 40MB have to be submitted to the Communication & Information Library directly. You may submit your files on a CD, DVD, thumbdrive or portable hard-disk drive (HDD) to the library’s Service Desk.
  • Remember to exclude any proprietary or sensitive information, e.g. a person’s NRIC, address and contact details. You can either remove those details, or put a ‘white box’ over the sensitive information, whichever is easier for you.
  • If you had produced a website, it is best if that the website can run without an internet connection from a CD/DVD-ROM. This is so your team can keep a copy of your website for posterity. Otherwise, the domain name will expire one day.
  • If you have produced a hard copy feature publication, please donate at least one copy (max. 2) to the Communication & Information Library.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact the Communication and Information Library, or your Communication Librarians, Loo Shien or Debra. If you are back in school, you can just walk into library and someone will help you.

We look forward to receiving the projects.

Enjoy reading academic journals on your tablet or smartphone

If you prefer to read academic journals on your tablet or smartphone, there is an easy way to do so now!

BrowZine is a tool that delivers thousands of academic journals to your tablet, iPhone/Android phone or the web. In addition to reading and browsing journal issues through a single interface, it also allows you to track your favourites and get alerts for new issues to read via app or the web. Find the instructions here.



THE OPEN – Open, Participate, Engage, Negotiate

The OpenThe vacation period has come around again and while some of you may be travelling, or going on internship, and even taking summer classes, some of you may be wondering what to do.

Here is an intriguing series of events right here in Singapore entitled The Open. These events are pre-festival activities of the Singapore International Festival of Arts. These events will be held mainly in June and comprise of an array of activities from performances, talks and walks, held all over our beautiful island.

This is may be what you need to get your mind refreshed and stocked up with new ideas for the semester ahead.  You can download the event guide right from The Open website, which is hyper linked above.

Have a great vacation

World Health Day – Health Communication



The World Health Organisation celebrates World Health Day on 7 April every year, so what better time to look at the subject of Health Communication.

Health Communication has always been an important and vital subject, and with the onset of the Internet and social media, this form of communication has a whole new avenue to spread those important messages.

But health communication is more than just about the message, it is about the people to whom those messages are communicated to, how those messages will be perceived and their impact. Those messages are vitally important and many a times it could mean the difference between life or death. Think about the recent Ebola epidemic and the Dengue outbreak and you will realize how important crafting and executing those messages are.

This year, the theme for World Health Day is the proper preparation of food and food safety. If you were to embark on promoting such a campaign, how would you execute it?

The library has a wealth of books on Health Communication; all you have to do is click here and then head to the library to borrow these items.

Have a safe day.

That Light-bulb Moment


When you look up the word ‘idea’ in the online dictionary (or in the actual physical dictionary), you will see that this word means: ‘a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action’ or ‘the aim or purpose’.

We need creativity and inspiration to come up with solutions to our problems, do our projects and even write blog posts. But sometimes inspiration and ideas are hard to come by.

So to help you along, here are some sites you may want to look up to get that spark going. The Library subscribes to WGSN Home Build Life, an interesting database packed with creative ideas and trends. All these are great places to get some inspiration and to see what others around the globe are working on, and who knows, you may get a bright idea yourself.

May your bright ideas illuminate your journeys through life.

From the web

Library Subscribed Database
WGSN Home Build Life

Women in Communication

Strong Women

If you are reading this on 8 March and there is a lady sitting near you, turn and wish her Happy International Women’s Day.

UNESCO has set aside this day every year to celebrate women and their achievements and there is no better day to take a look at women in the field of communication.

And being the good librarian that I am, I have done up some resources concentrating on women and communication.

Below are some books to check out, but if you are more of the visual type, there is also a list of movies to borrow. These lists are by no means exhaustive, I am sure you have your own take on some great books and movies dealing with the feminine mystic. The United Nations also have a list of resources on Gender and Women’s Issues.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Women in Mass Communication
Women and Advertising
Women and Stereotype

The Iron Lady
Pretty Woman
Women without Men
Why women count
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Birds
Breakfast at Tiffany

The New York Times – Anatomy of a Screen

Image taken from 'Anatomy of a Scene' site from The New York Times

Have you watched a really great movie and admired the way the scene or scenes were shot. The colour, balance, framing and lighting, then you may be interested to check out The New York Times – Anatomy of a Screen.

The site allows you to take a close look at selected scenes from various movies. You will be able to hear from the directors themselves on why they chose to film these scenes in that particular manner.

If you need a little inspiration for your next film project, take a look and listen and maybe you might get a creative spark, if not, it is a great site to learn more about your favourite movies

On Location in Singapore


This year Singapore turns 50, and there is a wide range of celebrations going on all over the island to commemorate the past 50 years.

To join in with this nostalgic celebration here is a perfect book, ‘The World Film Locations – Singapore’. The book looks back at some the of the best films made in Singapore, by our local directors, through iconic Singapore landscapes.

Some of these places have changed quite a bit, while others still remain the same. But it gives readers a chance to look at the then and the now and maybe give inspiration to a new generation of film makers as well.

This book is part of the ‘World Film Locations’ series, which looks at different film locations around the world. The other books in the series can be viewed here.

A Holiday Gift


It’s the end of the year and with Christmas all-around, everyone is in the mood for gift giving or gift receiving (I personally prefer the receiving part).

So here is my gift to you. While it is not a physical gift, it is a gift that I hope will educate, entertain and inspire and is one of those gifts you can make use of when you are back to school. But don’t worry it does have an element of fun as well.

These blogs offer a great holiday ‘browse’ when you are home and just bored of surfing the same old sites, and hopefully, they appeal to the many sides of you.

So Merry Clickmas and Happy New Year!

– For the Designer in you

THE EXALTATION – a blog which looks at design, from merchandise to buildings, focusing on interesting buildings and merchandise.

– For the Writer in you

THE PARIS REVIEW – a blog which hopes to emphasize creative works, fiction and poetry.

– For the Innovator in you

THE FAST COMPANY – a blog about innovative ideas from across the globe which is helping mankind.

For the Good Person in you 

STANFORD SOCIAL INNOVATION REVIEW – written for and by social change leaders in the nonprofit, business, and government.

– For the Academic in you (well sort of)

MENTAL FLOSS – a blog site that will titillate you with interesting facts that will make you instantly smarter or at least more interesting at parties.

Safety and a Show

It’s the end of the year and many are making plans to travel. We travel so much nowadays; getting on a plane, to many of us, is no more a unique experience. We get on and off planes like we get on and off buses or trains.

And admit it, you don’t pay attention to the safety video anymore, do you?

So to get you to look and listen to these videos, airlines (for a while now) have been trying to jazz up their on-board safety videos. The most famous of course are the Air New Zealand ones with the Hobbits, Dwarfs and anything else from Lord of the Rings.

But these videos also serve as a great promotional and advertising tool. People blog about them, Facebook their comments after watching and even rate them, like this blog site. Also unlike a commercial on television you cannot just turn the television off or flip to a new channel. These videos are fun and well-made so you get the best of both worlds.

There is not much research into the ‘safety video’ as a promotional or advertising tool, but it could make for an interesting paper (hint hint if you need ideas for an upcoming assignment).

So pay attention next time to these videos, you could learn a thing or two, and not just where the exits are.


In Real Life Jacket

It is one of those terms which did not exist until the last decade or so, and when people in the pass used the word, they were talking about an actual fish. According to the Oxford dictionary ‘Catfish’ means, ‘(to) lure (someone) into a relationship by adopting a fictional online persona’.

I am sure you are familiar with the word, what I don’t hope is the reason you are familiar with this word is because it has happened to you.

‘Catfishing’ has unfortunately become such a common occurrence, MTV has created a show around this topic and its host was someone who was a ‘catfish’ victim himself. A colleague reminded me back in the day, you could pull the same deception through a pen pal. The interaction was much slower but it could still be done.

Now the host, Nev Schulman, of that show has written a book on the same topic entitled, ‘In Real Life: Love. Lies & Identity in the Digital Age’. The best part is you can now borrow this book from the Communication and Information Library.

I have seen a few episodes of the television series and, while I am not a fan of reality shows, I think this one is very poignant to how we live our lives today.

The book, like the series, is based very much on the real life experiences of the people who have been ‘catfished’ and since Nev, himself was a victim, he writes the books with a personal insight. It is not the most ‘academic’ book you will read, Nev is not an expert in human communication or an academic from an institution or university, many of the insights are his own conclusions from what he has experienced through the show. But many of the insights will make you think about your online activities. The book also has tips on how to have an online relationship, how to conduct yourself online and advice on how not to get yourself ‘catfished’.

Nev writes in the introduction of the book, “the rise of catfishing has opened up the far bigger question of how we are living and loving in an era of social media”

It not just about scamming your material goods like cash or property anymore, it is now scamming for your very emmotion.

As the academic year starts to wind-down, you may be looking to pick up a ‘good book’ just to read over the holidays, this is an interesting choice.

The library has other book on social media and digital culture. I won’t list the books for you, I will let you have a hand in looking up these books on your own.

But as usual, if you need advice, feel free to ask-a-librarian, Here’s wishing you safe surfing.

Pew Research

Pew Research

Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research.

This US based site has lost of interesting data which you can look up and well written reports on the state of the media. They even have a ‘Global’ section which looks at how global issues impact the US media.

This is a great place to start when you are looking for inspiration for an assignment and the data can also be used within your report. Just make sure you cite the information together with other research findings you can get from the library databases.

A fast and easy way to find information

Are you cracking your brains on what topic to choose for your assignment? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the search results from Google or the Library catalogue?

Let me remind you of a type of resource that is often forgotten these days.

I’m talking about encyclopedias and bibliographies.

Many of us are familiar with major reference works such as the Encyclopedia Britannica, or even Wikipedia. Did you know that there are subject encyclopedias and bibliographies?

Here are a few examples:
(in these OneSearch records, click on the link beside ‘Online Access’)

Entries in encyclopedias and bibliographies are written by experts. They often provide a concise summary of a particular topic or term and they provide references for further reading.

More and more of such reference works are being published online these days, providing us with a fast and easy way to finding relevant information on a particular topic.

Check them out now!