Towards the end of every academic year, the Library collects the final-year-project (FYP) reports from graduating students.

For students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information (WKWSCI), we also collect the accompanying materials produced as part of the project, such as feature writing works, photojournalism books, video files, audio clips, etc. All these are digitally stored in NTU’s Digital Repository (DR-NTU). See below for more details on how to locate these digital reports, videos and attachments.



Physical Collection

Physical copies of FYP accompanying materials such as books donated by the WKWSCI students are shelved as a special collection at the Communication & Information Library. The video documentaries and dramas produced each year are compiled into DVDs. Users are welcome to browse or borrow these items for 2-hours (for books) or 4-hours (for DVDs).


From 2009-2015, the Library had produced an annual exhibition to showcase the final-year-projects (FYPs) of graduating students. For each exhibition, there was an accompanying project catalogue. Digital copies of these catalogues are available via the links below:



Locating FYP reports, videos and attachments

Access to DR-NTU (Restricted Access) is only available to current NTU students and staff.

  1. Go to http://respository.ntu.edu.sg
  2. Login with your student/staff network account username and password
  3. Enter project title or last 5 digits of URL into search box


About DR-NTU (Digital Repository – NTU)

  • DR-NTU is the University’s institutional repository. This repository collects the intellectual output of staff and students with the aim of preserving them for future use and reference. DR-NTU is implemented as two access versions, DR-NTU (Open Access) and DR-NTU (Restricted Access).
  • DR-NTU (Restricted access) comprises student submissions such as theses, work attachment reports and final year project reports that require user authentication to access the full text. NTU staff and students need to login with their NTU network account. For submissions to this repository, please note that we are collecting only full text documents. Students submitting their final year project reports or theses are advised to refer to the submission procedures for more instructions.