NTU Research Data Policy

The NTU Research Data Policy is accessible via the NTU Research Integrity and Ethics Office webpage.

NTU Research Data Policy



1. Why is there a need for a research data policy?

NTU recognizes that research data is an important part of all research and scholarly work carried out in the university, not only to support research findings and discovery but also in contributing to the advancement of science and scholarship through its availability for sharing. Moreover the proper management of research data is necessary to ensure that the research integrity of research work carried out in NTU is beyond reproach.

This policy aims to ensure that research data generated in the conduct of research projects at NTU are managed in a systematic and comprehensive manner to ensure integrity, accountability, long term availability, appropriate sharing and compliance with requirements of funding agencies.

2. When are NTU researchers expected to comply with the NTU research data policy?

The NTU Research Data Policy was launched on 14 Apr 2016. NTU researchers are expected to familiarize themselves with the Policy and work towards the requirements as stated in the Policy from 14 Apr 2016 onwards. The University is developing the necessary supporting infrastructure and services to support NTU researchers in their research data management and research data sharing activities. One such example is the NTU open access research data repository DR-NTU (Data) [https://researchdata.ntu.edu.sg].


3. What are the supporting infrastructure and services for research data management and research data sharing which the University is providing?

The NTU Data Management Plan is a newly developed online tool that is integrated with RIMS. NTU researchers use this tool to describe how their research data will be collected, processed or generated, what data will be shared and/or made open, and how it will be curated and preserved.

NTU researchers are encouraged to use DR-NTU (Data) [https://researchdata.ntu.edu.sg] to deposit, publish and archive their final research data in order to make their data discoverable, accessible and reusable. DR-NTU (Data) is a secure and reliable institutional open access research data repository for NTU.

NTU has also developed a electronic lab notebook for researchers to upload, share and discuss their working research data with their project team during their project work. For more information about NTU electronic lab notebook, e.g. who can access? how to access? please see: ELN@NTU.


4. What are the responsibilities of principal investigators (PIs)?

Refer to Section 6.1 for Roles and Responsibilities of Principal Investigators (PIs) in regards to PI’s overall responsibility in research data management, including the preparation of a data management plan, sharing of final research data on an open access repository and taking care of data sharing rights and agreements. 


5. What kind of support are the central administrative departments providing?

Research Support Office’s main role is to promulgate and implement the Policy. The Office of Information, Knowledge & Library Services focuses on the services to support NTU researchers in their compliance of the Policy. CITS provides the necessary IT infrastructure to support the various stakeholders in their research data management activities as guided by the Policy. Please refer to Section 6.3 to 6.5 of the Research Data Policy for more information.


6. Who can I contact for help or if I have questions?

Contact Research Support Office at email: RSO-Admin@ntu.edu.sg for Policy related questions.

Contact Office of Information, Knowledge & Library Services at email: rdm@ntu.edu.sg for research data management plan and research data sharing related help or questions.


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