New Title for Environmental Engineering

Title:  Environmental technologies to treat nitrogen pollution
Author:  Cervantes, Francisco J.
Call number:  TD427.N5E61
Availability:  Click here

Environmental Technologies to Treat Nitrogen Pollution will provide a thorough understanding of the principles and applications of environmental technologies to treat nitrogen contamination. The main focus will be on water and wastewater treatment, with additional coverage of leachates and off-gasses. The book will bring together an up-to-date compilation of the main physical, chemical and biological processes demanded for the removal of nitrogenous contaminants from water, wastewater, leachates and off-gasses. It will include a series of chapters providing a deep and broad knowledge of the principles and applications required for the treatment of nitrogen pollution. Environmental Technologies to Treat Nitrogen Pollution will be the first book to provide a complete review of all the different processes used for the global management of nitrogen pollution. It will also contain updated information about strategies to achieve nitrogen recovery and reuse in different industrial sectors. Several case studies will document the application of different environmental technologies to manage nitrogen pollution.

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