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dielectric  Title:   Recent advances in dielectric materials
Author:   Ai Huang
Call number:   TK453.R295
Availability:  Click here

This book describes various dielectric material properties, used in many kinds of research, and its industrial applications. An important property of a dielectric is its ability to support an electrostatic field while dissipating minimal energy in the form of heat. The use of low dielectric constant (low-k) interdielectrics, which can lower line-to-line noise in interconnects, are described in this book. The preparation techniques, chemical structure and related properties of polymer dielectric materials are also discussed. The impact of high-K dielectric integration as a gate- and space-materials for nano scale MOSFETs are described, as well as the impact of high-k devices on the circuit performance.This book also explains the resonant transmission of electromagnetic waves through aperiodic dielectric microstructures. New technology, such as the orientation selective epitaxy (OSE) which enables epitaxial growth artificially choosing growth orientation on cerium dioxide is reviewed. In addition, the development of ElectroHydroDynamic (EHD), which establishes non-thermal plasmas on a dielectric surface, is also discussed. This book describes recent advances in the simulation techniques of dielectric photonic structures. In addition, how to obtain measurements of dielectric relaxation in dilute solutions of polar molecules in non-polar solvents are explained. The practical applications of oxides, obtained by modifying the dielectric constant, are described, as well as ways to form better dielectric composite materials [As taken from]

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