New Title for Bioengineering

Title: Basics of biomedical ultrasound for engineers
Editor: Haim Azhari
Call number: R857.U48A994
Availability: Click here

In this introduction to biomedical ultrasound, undergraduate and gradate engineering students, academic and research engineers, and physicians and researchers in biomedical disciplines will find common applications of biomedical ultrasound explained from an engineering point of view. Early chapters give a general description of waves and cover waves in a one-dimensional medium, ultrasonic waves in fluids, and propagation of acoustic waves in solid materials. Later chapters cover attenuation and dispersion, reflection and transmission, acoustic lenses and mirrors, and transducers and acoustic fields. Application chapters describe uses of ultrasonic imaging such as the pulse-echo technique, Doppler imaging techniques, and safety and therapeutic ultrasound applications. [As taken from book cover]

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