New Title for Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Title: Biomarkers in drug development : a handbook of practice, application, and strategy
Editor: Michael R. Bleavins
Call number: R853.B54B615M
Availability: Click here

Contributors from huge drug companies, small drug companies, and a few academic departments examine biomarkers and their role in drug development, technology approaches to identifying new biomarkers, characterization and validation, biomarkers in discovery and preclinical safety, translating from preclinical results to clinical and back, biomarkers in clinical trials, practical aspects of biomarker implementation, and where they are headed and what they need. The specific topics include enabling go/no-go decisions, quantitative multiplexed patterning of immune-related biomarkers, molecular biomarkers from a diagnostic perspective, new markers of kidney injury, predicting and assessing an inflammatory disease and its complications as exemplified by rheumatoid arthritis, integrating molecular testing into clinical applications, opportunities and risks of biomarker patent strategies, and redefining disease and pharmaceutical targets through molecular definitions and personalized medicine. [As taken from book cover]

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