New title for Environmental Engineering

Title: The power of the sea : tsunamis, storm surges, rogue waves, and our quest to predict disasters
Author: Bruce Parker
Call number: GC28.P238
Availability: Click here

In this educational account, professor (at the Stevens Institute of New Jersey) and scientist Parker examines the violent impact of the seas on human society, and our long struggle to understand them. Parker begins with an exploration of tidal forces and their role in major historical events, from the parting of the Red Sea to D-Day. He moves on to hurricanes, rogue waves, and tsunamis, ending with the catastrophic 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and following tsunamis that killed more than 225,000 people. As Parker describes these sea-spawned disasters, he also documents the slow growth of scientific knowledge that gives us a chance to predict and prepare for them. Parker is more scholar than storyteller, and at times he loses the drama of his subject. Long discussions of such topics as “Laplace tidal equations” and “geophysical fluid dynamics” give the sense of a first-year lecture on oceanography. Nevertheless, any reader with an interest in the subject will appreciate Parker’s expertise. Parker is optimistic about our ability to manage the dangers of the seas, but as the events of 2004 demonstrated, in spite of all we’ve learned, they still have the power to render us helpless. [As taken from]

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