Meta-analysing your community in DR-NTU












A metadata assessment was conducted on the subject categories* assigned to FYPS and theses submitted to NTU digital repository for two communities in year 2010. This comprised about 580 EEE and 240 CEE submissions. The results of this survey were plotted in a graph and also represented in a ‘cloud’ tag. Users may visualise subject categories mapped out for this specific submission year collection and find useful links to their areas of research interest. This is pilot report re-uses subject metadata in a way that the library hopes is of use to the NTU community. To access these reports in pdf files, click on the thumbnail below:

To access DR-NTU Restricted Repository: CEE collection and  EEE collection.

We welcome your feedback and questions, please email us: EEE librarian, or Environmental Engineering librarian,

 *The subject category in DR-NTU is designed to enhance user navigation in the collection. Each document in the repository is assigned a subject category from a controlled list of terms also known as a taxonomy.

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