New Title for Computer Engineering

Title: Hands-on networking fundamentals
Author: Palmer, Michael J.
Call number: TK5105.55.P173
Availability: Click here

HANDS-ON-NETWORKING FUNDAMENTALS, 2E, International Edition helps readers learn network administration from the ground up. Designed to provide a solid foundation in essential concepts and methods, this detailed introduction requires no previous experience, covering all of the critical knowledge and skills information technology professionals need to work with network operating systems in a network administration environment. Like other textbooks in the Hands-On series, this highly practical guide features a variety of projects in every chapter, with activities integrated closely with core material to facilitate understanding, reinforce learning, and build essential skills at every step. Now thoroughly revised to reflect the latest advances in network technology, HANDS-ON-NETWORKING FUNDAMENTALS, 2E, International Edition includes up-to-date coverage of key network operating systems, wireless and cellular networking, network protocols, and other important innovations in the field. Equally useful for students beginning to explore network administration and professionals preparing for certification, this book is a reliable, effective resource for networking success.

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