Unleashed The Buccaneer: Affordable 3D Printer

A Singapore based start-up, Pirate3d. recently announced its solution to affordable and consumer 3D printing, the Buccaneer, at $347!
According to them, practically anyone could use the printer without an in-depth 3D design knowledge, the printer comes with a fully calibrated software and you could even use smartphones apps to send your design via cloud server. All you do is change the cartridge!

Watch the video below about the latest buzz in town, “The Buccaneer”!

Here’s what they claimed about the printer (taken from their website)

Built to be intuitive, the Buccaneer™ comes fully assembled and calibrated. The result is the fastest set up time you will ever get with a 3D printer so you have time to enjoy the things that matter.

Easily personalize your creations for your friends with the innovative Smart Objects™. Say goodbye to weeks of learning how to use 3D design software; spend more time creating and sharing, and less time pulling your hair.”

Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing technology has garnered much interests and buzz, due to its limitless potential. Among the potential applications would be in healthcare & biomedical , with the latest breakthrough for restorative breast implant by researchers in El Paso; using biodegradable hydrogel as the base material and a HP Deskjet 340 printer.

With the mergers of Stratasys and Makerbot, two largest 3D printing experts, we could look forward to  more choices in the market soon, at an affordable rate.

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