New title for Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The wonder of nanotechnology : quantum optoelectronic devices and applications
By Esaki, Reona.
TK8304.W872, Lee Wee Nam Library

This book edited by Manijeh Razeghi, Leo Esaki, and Klaus von Klitzing focuses on the application of nanotechnology to modern semiconductor optoelectronic devices. Electrons, photons, and even thermal properties can all be engineered at the nanolevel. The 2D quantum well, possibly the simplest aspect of nanotechnology, has dramatically enhanced the efficiency and versatility of electronic and optoelectronic devices. While this area alone is fascinating, nanotechnology has now progressed to 1D (quantum wire) and 0D (quantum dot) systems that exhibit remarkable and sometimes unexpected behaviors. With these components serving as the modern engineer’s building blocks, it is a brave new world we live in, with endless possibilities for new technology and scientific discovery. [As taken from]

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