New title for Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Power integrity for nanoscale integrated systems
By Hashimoto, Masanori.
TK7874.P887p, Lee Wee Nam Library

This title provides comprehensive understanding of the nature and impact of power integrity on nanoscale integrated circuit design. This practical, professional guide discusses the impact of power integrity (PI) degradation on various analog, digital, and mixed-signal circuits in nanoscale fabrication and integration. The book additionally explores interrelationships between PI and SI (signal integrity), as well as PI and TI (thermal integrity), discussing advanced modeling and analysis methods as well as interconnect technology –
• Explores the impact of power integrity (PI) degradation on circuits and systems of critical importance to nanoscale and 3D chips
• Includes detailed discussions of robust integrated circuit design with PI, including clocking and IO
• Provides hands-on training in advanced PI analysis for circuits, facilitating optimal, noise-free nanoscale integrated circuit design
• Details both frequency and time domain analyses of PI degradation, discussing Rogue wave phenomena and potential mitigation methods
• Discusses advanced PI mitigation methods and interconnect technology
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