NTU start-up develops first-of-kind multi-function water filtration membrane

Photo 3 - NTU Assoc Prof Darren Sun (right) with MD Wong Ann Chai with their 3D printed innovative multiuse membraneNTU Assoc Prof Darren Sun (right) and Managing Director Mr Wong Ann Chai (left) with Nano Sun’s 3D-printed innovative multiuse membrane [photo from NTU News Releases]

NTU start-up Nano Sun has developed a multi-function water filtration membrane that lasts twice as long and allows ten times better flow rate compared to current conventional membranes; it is highly resistant to breakage and has anti-bacterial as well as anti-fouling properties. The patented titanium dioxide nanotechnology was invented by Associate Professor Darren Sun from NTU’s School of CEE.

“Nano Sun is also investing heavily to miniaturize the membranes into more handy products, which can be used for household needs as well as humanitarian aid and disaster relief, said co-founder and Managing Director of Nano Sun, Adjunct Prof Wong Ann Chai (NTU NBS).” [NTU News Release 11 Sep 2014].

More reports from Asian ScientistChannelNewsAsia and Straits Times.



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