New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Modeling and analysis of communicating systems
By Jan Friso Groote and Mohammad Reza Mousavi.
TK5102.83.G876, Lee Wee Nam Library


Complex communicating computer systems — computers connected by data networks and in constant communication with their environments — do not always behave as expected. This book introduces behavioral modeling, a rigorous approach to behavioral specification and verification of concurrent and distributed systems. It is among the very few techniques capable of modeling systems interaction at a level of abstraction sufficient for the interaction to be understood and analyzed. The book covers the foundation of behavioral modeling using process algebra, transition systems, abstract data types, and modal logics. Exercises and examples augment the theoretical discussion. The book introduces a modeling language, mCRL2, that enables concise descriptions of even the most intricate distributed algorithms and protocols. Using behavioral axioms and such proof methods as confluence, cones, and foci, readers will learn how to prove such algorithms equal to their specifications [As taken from Amazon]

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