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Electrons in Molecules: From Basic Principles to Molecular Electronics
By Jean-Pierre Launay and Michel Verdaguer.
E Book, Online

This book treats in a unified way electronic properties of molecules (magnetic, electrical, photophysical), culminating with the mastering of electrons: molecular electronics. Chapter 1 reviews basic concepts. Chapter 2 describes the magnetic properties due to localized electrons. This includes phenomena such as spin crossover, exchange interaction from dihydrogen to extended molecular magnetic systems, and magnetic anisotropy with single-molecule magnets. Chapter 3 is devoted to electrical properties due to moving electrons, first considering electron transfer in discrete molecular systems — in particular, in mixed valence compounds — and then, extended molecular solids described by band theory. Special attention is paid to structural distortions (Peierls instability) and interelectronic repulsions in narrow-band systems. [As provided by the publisher]

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