New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Mobile telecommunications networks : restructuring as a response to a challenging environment
By Peter Curwen, Jason Whalley.
HE9713.C982mt, Lee Wee Nam Library


The focus of the book is on service providers, who are the primary interface between the industry and its users. The discussion gives emphasis to the most prominent operators and is divided into regions for ease of analysis. Prior to this, there is an examination of where these companies stand in relation to the FT500 largest companies in the world and an analysis of Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activity in the industry. The authors also provide a review of the latest wave of technology, known as Long Term Evolution (LTE). Through detailed case studies, the book demonstrates the complexity of the industry’s structure and sheds light on such controversies as corporate taxation. Peter Curwen and Jason Whalley conclude with an overview of where the industry has been and more importantly, where it is going. [As taken from Amazon]

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