Book Review: Green biorenewable biocomposites : from knowledge to industrial applications

[Cover]Green biorenewable biocomposites : from knowledge to industrial applications
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There has been a rapid rise of interest and importance in sustainable materials and green chemistry, with many books dedicated to biomaterials and biocomposites. However, there are a vast number of biomaterials. These books often differ in their selection of materials to discuss, and the material may be presented from engineering or a chemistry perspective. This volume, edited by Thakur and Kessler (both, Washington State Univ.), includes some of the same biomaterials, such as cellulose and nanocellulose, as in similarly titled books, but it also includes hydroxyapatite and spider silk. It largely focuses on composites prepared for specific applications, with several chapters describing biocomposites for sound absorption and others for use in the body, but biocomposite processing and properties are extensively discussed throughout much of the book. Although chemists can understand some chapters and engineers can understand others, readers should have a good background in polymer science to take full advantage of this book.
Summing Up: Recommended. Graduate students, researchers/faculty, and professionals /practitioners. –P. G. Heiden, Michigan Technological University
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