SCBE Professors & Researchers Use Dead Bacteria to Kill Colorectal Cancer


SCBE Prof Teoh Swee Hin, Assoc Prof Kathy Luo, Ammar Mansoor Hassanbhai, Madhura Satish Bhave and Padmaja Anand discovered that dead bacteria can also kill colorectal tumour cells. Photo credit: NTU. Read more here. Their work was published in the open access peer-reviewed journal, Scientific Reports, under the Nature publishing group. The article citation: Bhave, M. S., Hassanbhai, A. M., Anand, P., Luo, K. Q., & Teoh, S. H. (2015). Effect of Heat-Inactivated Clostridium sporogenes and Its Conditioned Media on 3-Dimensional Colorectal Cancer Cell Models. Scientific Reports, 5, 15681. doi: 10.1038/srep15681.