Different aspects of assessment of engineering Ph.D. thesis

Would you like to know what engineering examiners expect of Ph.D. research?

In the article “An analysis of Ph.D. Examiners’ Reports in Engineering”, from European Journal of Engineering Education. the authors, Elena Prietoa, Allyson Holbrooka & Sid Bourkea examine the different aspects of the assessment of engineering doctorates. Their work is based on the data collected between 2003 and 2010 for a total of 1220 Australian Ph.D. theses by analysing examiner reports.

They point out that examiners in engineering favoured theses they considered were strong in terms of scope, significance and contribution, and a thorough analysis of findings. Other factors that have direct correlation to the quality of thesis as highlighted by the authors are breadth, depth and recency of the literature review, communication and editorial correctness of the thesis. Publications arising from the thesis also determine the quality of the thesis, even though they  have lesser significance.

This is one of the popular articles in Taylor & Francis journals published in 2015.

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