SCE Professor develops new energy analysis algorithm

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????A new technology developed in NTU could help companies and factories cut their energy bills by as much as 10 per cent. The new algorithm which can analyse energy consumption by tapping on computer chip sensors already found in equipment such as computers, servers, air conditioning systems and industrial machinery; extract all readily available data and turn them into useful analytics is developed by SCE Asst Prof Wen Yonggang and licensed by NTU-incubated Evercomm Singapore. Evercomm co-founder and NTU EEE alumnus Ted Chen (holding their wireless chip in the photo) who worked with Prof Wen to commercialise the technology, said: “With NTU’s new analytic engine, … large semi-conductor factories and campuses could save up to S$1 million a year without a need to change much of their hardware, and instead, tune their operation and time their energy usage.”  See the full report here.