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The Engineering Library supports the teaching and research in the College of Engineering (CoE). Engineering librarians are assigned specific subject areas so as to better respond to your information needs. They also serve as a liaision person between the library and the engineering schools.

The names of the engineering librarians are listed below.

Engineering Librarians

Mr Lim Kong Meng (Profile)
Head, Engineering Library
Engineering Librarian for Civil Engineering & Maritime Studies
Engineering Librarian for Computer Science & Engineering

Mr RamaRavikumar Ramakrishnan (Profile)
Engineering Librarian for Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Mr Kannadasan Venkatachalam (Profile)
Engineering Librarian for Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

Mr David Tan Chiang Wee (Profile)
Engineering Librarian for Communication Engineering

Ms Padmaja Muralidharan (Profile)
Engineering Librarian for Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Ms Lena Sam (Profile)
Engineering Librarian for Environmental and Water Resource Engineering

Ms Men Yali (Profile)
Engineering Librarian for Materials Science & Engineering



If you have any queries on your subject area, please feel free to contact the respective Subject Librarian listed above.

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