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DR-NTU Open Access submissions from CoE in 2015 hits 900

drntudrntucoeNTU’s College of Engineering faculty and researchers have deposited 900 papers to DR-NTU for 2015. To date College of Engineering papers from the 6 schools have received more than 3 million hits comprising 2,298,086 item views and 939,730 downloads. A selection of some of the top downloaded conference papers from CoE communities are listed below (in alphabetical order).

  • A simple test to confirm control valve stiction
  • Demand side load management of smart grids using Intelligent trading/metering/billing system
  • Dynamic imaging of micro-particles in 3D using lensless in-line digital holographic microscopy
  • Efficient algorithms to solve a class of resource allocation problems in large wireless networks
  • Fabrication of high efficient organic/CdSe quantum dots hybrid OLEDs by spin-coating method
  • Horizontal drains in residual soil slopes
  • Limits of disturbance rejection using indirect control
  • Membrane actions of RC slabs in mitigating progressive collapse of building structures
  • Mining actionlet ensemble for action recognition with depth cameras
  • MobiRoute : routing towards a mobile sink for improving lifetime in sensor networks
  • On the aerodynamic pressure fluctuation around the head gimbals assembly inducing the slider vibration in a hard disk drive
  • Temperature control with a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) during laser decapsulation of plastic packages

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Library Orientation Tour for New SM2 Scholars

At the request of the Student Wellbeing Centre, SASD, Engineering Library hosted a visit by 6 groups of SM2 scholars (a total of 120) at Lee Wee Nam Library on Thursday morning, 30 July 2015. The SM2 students were from the senior middle schools in China and are currently undertaking a bridging program in preparation for their undergraduate studies in Singapore.  Continue reading

Aerospace sustainability study of industrial 3D printing

EOS, Krailling, Germany, collaborated with Airbus Group Innovations (previously EADS Innovation Works), of Filton, Bristol, to complete an environmental lifecycle comparison of two key production technologies, rapid investment casting and direct metal laser sintering (DMLS).

The Airbus Group Innovations-EOS eco-assessment, applied to an Airbus A320 nacelle hinge bracket (a highly standardized part), strove to include detailed aspects of the overall lifecycle: from the supplier of the raw powder metal, to the equipment manufacturer (EOS), and to the end-user (Airbus Group Innovations). Adapted from Airbus’ streamlined lifecycle assessment (SLCA) and ISO 14040 series requirements data, the testing will serve as the basis for continued "Cradle-to-Cradle" study into other aerospace parts, processes and end-of-life strategies. [As taken from]

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