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New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Signal processing for RF circuit impairment mitigation
By Xinping Huang, Zhiwen Zhu, Henry Leung.
TK5102.9.H874s, Lee Wee Nam Library


A wireless communication system employs a radio frequency (RF) wave to transmit information bearing signals. In modern digital communication systems, sophisticated modulation techniques are developed to modulate information onto an RF carrier waveform, so as to transmit more information. This new book presents signal processing techniques for reducing impairments of analog and RF circuits in wireless communications systems. Engineers, researchers, and students will find full coverage of the topic, including vector modulators, power amplifiers, vector demodulators, group delay distortion in analog/RF filters, digital beamforming networks, and dual polarization systems. Several applications are discussed, including both single carrier and multi-carrier scenarios. [As taken from Amazon]

ScienceDirect Top 25 articles in 2013

Access the top 25 articles in ScienceDirect  database for different Engineering  subjects here.

One of the  top articles in the field of EEE, is “High temperature long term stability of SiC Schottky diodes” from the  journal  “Microelectronics Reliability”, Volume 51, Issues 9–11, September–November 2011.

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How to Search for Review Papers

Review papers reviews, supports or refutes the findings of the research and summarizes the research done in a particular subject area.  The citation counts for review papers are usually  high and they are valuable information sources. 

How do you  find review articles on a particular topic?

Many databases such as Web of Science and Scopus provide the functionality to refine the results by  document types’ review’ or ‘literature review’.


If the database that  you are using  does not have this functionality you can do a search with the keywords connected to review* using  the Boolean operator

During  the  academic publishing  talks organized by NTU Libraries, Harmen van Paradijs  Editorial Director, Science & Business Media,  Springer mentioned that  if you are new to publishing  journal articles, you  can start  by writing review papers.