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Tips on how to using e-resources for research and study and how to use various features in the e-resources.

Accessing EBSCOhost via iPhones/iPads and Android devices

You can now access and authenticate your EBSCOhost experience via iPhones/iPads and Android devices with these simple steps:

  • Download the EBSCOhost app from the iTunes app store or Android Market.



  • To authenticate the app, log into EBSCOhost.
  • Select and click “NTU EBSCOhost Mobile”


  • Then click on “New: EBSCOhost iPhone and Android Applications”.
  • Enter your university email, for example:


  • An e-mail with an authentication key will be generated and sent to you. Check the email from your phone and click on the link provided. Note: This link expires within 24 hours and needs to be accessed via your mobile device.
  • Launch the EBSCOhost app in your phone and you will now be able to run searches and download full-text articles.


  • This app can be used for 9 months after it has been authenticated. After that, you will need to run through the same steps for re-authentication.


New title on Fire Engineering

Title: Structural fire engineering
Author: Lennon, Tom
Call number: TH1065 S927s
Availability: Click here

Structural Fire Engineering provides comprehensive and practical design guidance on the application of structural fire engineering to specialist structural engineers. The chapters provide an insight into the explanation of the structural fire engineering design process, its position within the regulatory system and guidance on the selection of appropriate partial factors for the fire limit state for variations in material properties and loading. The book places structural fire engineering design procedures within a context and framework which will be familiar to many readers. The information on standard methods of test and assessment and their function within the regulatory framework provides a broader perspective to the design standards.

Structural Fire Engineering:

  • 1. provides a unique approach to practical design guidance
  • 2. highlights the Eurocode standards in the context of fire engineering design and conformity to the requirements of the regulations
  • 3. demonstrates the options for design through several worked examples
  • 4. incorporates over 80 illustrations to complement the text
  • 5. provides guidance on the UK National Annexes for Eurocodes

Structural Fire Engineering is invaluable reading for practising structural engineers, fire safety engineers, structural fire engineers, students and those who teach advanced fire design. [As taken from cover]

New title on Prestressed Concrete Design

Title: Prestressed concrete design to eurocodes
Author: Bhatt, P.
Call number: TA683.9.B575
Availability: Click here

Ordinary concrete is strong in compression but weak in tension. Even reinforced concrete, where steel bars are used to take up the tension that the concrete cannot resist, is prone to cracking and corrosion under low loads. Prestressed concrete is highly resistant to stress, and is used as a building material for bridges, tanks, shell roofs, floors, buildings, containment vessels for nuclear power plants and offshore oil platforms. With a wide range of benefits such as crack control, low rates of corrosion, thinner slabs, fewer joints and increased span length; prestressed concrete is a stronger, safer, more economical and more sustainable building material. The introduction of the Eurocodes has necessitated a new approach to the design of prestressed concrete structures and this book provides a comprehensive practical guide for professionals through each stage of the design process. Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of design 

  • -Fully consistent with Eurocode 2, and the associated parts of Eurocodes 1 and 8
  • -Examples of challenges often encountered in professional practice worked through in full
  • -Detailed coverage of post-tensioned structures
  • -Extensive coverage of design of flat slabs using the finite element method
  • -Examples of pre-tensioned and post-tensioned bridge design
  • -An introduction to earthquake resistant design using EC 8

Examining the design of whole structures as well as the design of sections through many fully worked numerical examples which allow the reader to follow each step of the design calculations, this book will be of great interest to practising engineers who need to become more familiar with the use of the Eurocodes for the design of prestressed concrete structures. It will also be of value to university students with an interest in the practical design of whole structures. [As taken from cover]

Full Text @ NTU Library

Full text @NTU Library is a web browser bookmarklet that allows NTU staff and students to seamlessly retrieve full text articles or e-books subscribed by NTU Library while surfing the internet. Install it as a favorite link in Internet Explorer or as a bookmark in other web browsers and you are all set.

Click on it to redirect any webpage you are at through the NTU Library ezproxy service. Login with your NTU Network account to gain access to subscribed resources instantly. For more information, click here.

New Operating System from Google

It is reported that Google has launched a new operating  system called Chrome OS recently, to have a competitive control over Microsoft.  This OS comes with the Chrome Web  Browser as against  Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Google had earlier launched its Android smart phone operating  system against Microsoft Window’s mobile and in turn Microsoft has its search technology called Bing.

Read the news published about this in The Straits Times and other articles from The Straits Times and other major publications by accessing them via the database Lexis Nexis Academic, subscribed by the library.

  • Access Lexis Nexis Academic from the Database web page  and log on.
  • Under the tab Sources, choose “Filter by country” Singapore.
  • From “Select  a category to view sources” select News > Newspapers > The Straits Times (Singapore).
  • Click  the tab “OK to continue”. This will bring up the search interface.
  • Key in the search terms Google and Microsoft and click Search.
  • In the search results window under “Search within Results”, key in Chrome OS.
  • Read this and more hot  news from  The Strait  Times.