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New title on Technical Writing

  Title:  Technical Writing: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists
Author:  Phillip A. Laplante
Call number:  T11 L314
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Engineers and scientists of all types are often required to write reports, summaries, manuals, guides, and so forth. While these individuals certainly have had some sort of English or writing course, it is less likely that they have had any instruction in the special requirements of technical writing. Filling this void, Technical Writing: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists enables readers to write, edit, and publish materials of a technical nature, including books, articles, reports, and electronic media. Written by a renowned engineer and widely published technical author, this guide complements the traditional writer’s reference manuals and other books on technical writing. It helps readers understand the practical considerations in writing technical content. Drawing on his own work, the author presents many first-hand examples of writing, editing, and publishing technical materials. These examples illustrate how a publication originated as well as various challenges and solutions. [Taken from book cover]

New title for Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  Title:  Frequency synthesizers : concept to product
Author:  Chenakin, Alexander.
Call number:  TK7872.F73C518
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Chenakin has led the development of advanced products for a number of microwave companies. Here he offers engineers in their early years of practice a manual of well-established and recently developed techniques for designing frequency synthesizers. The idea is to bridge the gap between theory and experience, he says, and to supplement technical articles, application notes, and design recipes in the field of frequency synthesis. He covers parameters and architectures, building blocks, synthesizer construction, the design process, improving performance, and advanced functions [As provided by Syndetics Solutions]

New title on General Engineering

Title:  Citizen engineer: A Handbook for Socially Responsible Engineering
Author:  Douglas, Dave, 1962-
Call number:  TA170.D733
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Being an engineer today means being far more than an engineer. You need to consider not only the design requirements of your projects but the full impact of your work – from an ecological perspective, an intellectual perspective, a business perspective and a sociological perspective. And you must coordinate your efforts with many other engineers, sometimes hundreds of them. In short, we have entered an age that demands socially responsible engineering on a whole new scale: The era of the Citizen Engineer. [As taken from book cover]

New title about technology

Title:  The nature of technology : what it is and how it evolves
Author:  Arthur, W. Brian.
Call number:  T14.A791
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Leading scientific theorist Arthur puts forth the first complete theory of the origins and evolution of technology, in a major work that achieves for the invention of new technologies what Darwin’s theory had achieved for the emergence of new species. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions

New title on Scientific Writing

Title:  From Research to Manuscript
Author:  Martin, Mike W., 1946-
Call number:  TA157.S336 2010
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Written in simple, straightforward language, From Research to Manuscript explains how to understand and summarize a research project. It is a writing guide that goes beyond grammar and style by demonstrating how to pull together information needed for each section of a polished scientific paper. This book is a systematic guide, leading you from the data on your desk through the drafts and rewrites that are needed to build a complete and tightly-written science article. [As taken from book cover]