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Volume 10 Issue 1 features these informative articles:

NTU EEE Professor leads design of self-powered auto-tinting window which can also be used as self-rechargeable battery

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[Photo credits: Nanyang Technological University]

News sources have recently reported about NTU EEE Professor Sun Xiaowei‘s  breakthrough research which led to the development  of “a smart window which can darken or brighten without the need for an external power source. This unique self-tinting window requires zero electricity to operate and is also a rechargeable battery.” Current window solutions in the market use permanent tinting or use external power to change light transmission properties. “The NTU smart window however can be turned into a cool blue tint in bright daylight, cutting light penetration by about half, and then reverts back to clear glass at night or as required.” [NTU News]

“Our new smart electrochromic window is bi-functional; it is also a transparent battery,” Prof Sun explained. “It charges up and turns blue when there is oxygen present in the electrolyte – in other words, it breathes.”

More in the full NTU News:

This research was recently published in Nature Communications:
Wang, J., Zhang, L., Yu, L., Jiao, Z., Xie, H., Lou, X. D., & Sun, X. W. (2014). A bi-functional device for self-powered electrochromic window and self-rechargeable transparent battery applicationsNature Communications, 54921.

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More news sources reporting about this in December 2014:

“Virtual Singapore” $73 million 3D platform ready by 2017

The National Research Foundation announced that Singapore’s S$73 million 3D city model platform will be owned and operated by the Singapore Land Authority when completed. “The NRF unveiled plans for the Virtual Singapore project – one of the projects under the Smart Nation vision outlined by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong – last week.” [See more in this Channel News Asia report dated 1 Dec 2014:]

The simulation system “will show virtual 3-D replicas of buildings, roads, trees, carpark lots and other above-ground structures” … “Using the model, the Government can then test-bed solutions and simulations running on top of the map to help tackle liveability issues such as crowd control, flooding and noise levels.” [See more at:]

Preview the “3D City Model with Semantics” in this short youtube clip posted by Today online:

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Scopus h-index updated to include content from 1970 to the present

h   Have you checked your h-index on Scopus recently?

“Scopus h-index is being updated to include content from 1970 to the present. As a result, the Scopus Author Profile page may show an increase of the h-index count for some authors. ” Read more in this Scopus Blog post:

“What is the impact to the h-index: Prior to this release [of content from 1970 to present] the h-index was only calculated using post-1995 publications. Authors that have published work prior to 1996 may now see an increase in their h-index, even though no pre-1996 cited references have been indexed to date. This can be explained by post-1995 citations given to pre-1996 works. An author’s h-index is now calculated with publications as far back as 1970, and their citations from 1996 onwards. For example, an author’s 1993 publication that received citations in 1999 will now be included in the calculation and positively impact the author’s h-index.

No cited references pre-1996 have been added to yet. The first content will start to appear in November 2014.

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