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NTU MSE Professors develop novel 2-in-1 biomarker and drug delivery system

Next-gen biomarker which detects tumour cells and delivers anti-cancer drugs was developed by MSE Associate Professors Zhang Qichun and Joachim Loo

“Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has invented a unique biomarker with two exceptional functions. First, it lights up when it detects tumour cells to allow scientists to take a better look. And it can also release anti-cancer drugs at the same time to the specific cells”. See full details in this NTU News report.

The Straits Times also reported about this breakthrough in a 19 Nov 2014 news article: “The method … involves the use of a biomarker, which is made from a particle ten thousand times smaller than a grain of sand. The biomarker will light up when it detects tumour cells to allow scientists to take a better look. This happens when it is activated by near-infrared light emitted by an imaging device, and only if tumour cells release small signalling molecules.” See more at:


Rhodamine‐Modified UpconversionNanophosphors for Ratiometric Detection of Hypochlorous Acid in Aqueous Solution and Living Cells.  Small, Volume 10, Issue 17, pages 3560-3567, 4 FEB 2014 DOI: 10.1002/smll.201303127

“The breakthrough has resulted in two papers published in Small, one of the world’s top scientific journals for material science and nanotechnology.”
NTU Library subscribes to Small via Wiley Online Library.

NTU EEE Professor making disposable electronics a reality


The Straits Times recently reported in an 18 Nov 2014 news article about a smart circuit invention from NTU led by EEE Associate Professor Joseph Chang. “The new technology involves printing complex electronic circuits onto flexible materials such as plastic, aluminium foil and paper.

Associate Professor Joseph Chang, who heads the NTU research team, said their product would not compete against “high-end processors like those found in smartphones and electronic devices”, which are usually made of silicon and gold.

“Instead we complement them with cheaply printed circuits that cost mere cents instead of a few dollars, making disposable electronics a reality,” he said.”

See more at:

NTU start-up develops first-of-kind multi-function water filtration membrane

Photo 3 - NTU Assoc Prof Darren Sun (right) with MD Wong Ann Chai with their 3D printed innovative multiuse membraneNTU Assoc Prof Darren Sun (right) and Managing Director Mr Wong Ann Chai (left) with Nano Sun’s 3D-printed innovative multiuse membrane [photo from NTU News Releases]

NTU start-up Nano Sun has developed a multi-function water filtration membrane that lasts twice as long and allows ten times better flow rate compared to current conventional membranes; it is highly resistant to breakage and has anti-bacterial as well as anti-fouling properties. The patented titanium dioxide nanotechnology was invented by Associate Professor Darren Sun from NTU’s School of CEE.

“Nano Sun is also investing heavily to miniaturize the membranes into more handy products, which can be used for household needs as well as humanitarian aid and disaster relief, said co-founder and Managing Director of Nano Sun, Adjunct Prof Wong Ann Chai (NTU NBS).” [NTU News Release 11 Sep 2014].

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