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Hype Cycle for Semiconductors and Electronics Technologies

The Gartner Hype Cycle is a graphical depiction of a common pattern that arises with each new technology or other innovation, published by  Gartner,  which  is an information technology research and advisory company. Introduced in 1995, the hype cycle characterizes the typical progression of innovation, from overenthusiasm through a period of disillusionment to an eventual understanding of the innovation’s relevance and role in a market or domain. The five phases in the Hype Cycle are Technology Trigger, Peak of Inflated Expectations, Trough of Disillusionment, Slope of Enlightenment and Plateau of Productivity. They highlight overhyped areas and estimate when technologies and trends will reach maturity.   Each year, Gartner creates more than 90 Hype Cycles in various domains as a way for clients to track technology maturity and future potential.

To  access The Gartner Hype Cycle for Semiconductors and Electronics Technologies 2015, click here.

Some other interesting hype cycles are ‘Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2015’ , Hype Cycle for Virtualization, 2015, Hype Cycle for the Connected Home, 2015, Hype Cycle for Networking and Communications, 2015 etc.

You can access these hype cycles from Gartner Core Research database subscribed by the library.

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Mobile evolution : insights on connectivity and service
By Sebastian Thalanany.
E Book:Online


Mobile Evolution: Insights on Connectivity and Service explores the forward-looking and enabling capabilities of mobile connectivity and service in the context of long term evolution (LTE) systems and multimedia services, as viewed through a lens of human experience. It provides information and guidelines pertaining to the strategies and technologies associated with the next-generation mobile ecosystem.
The book examines the intersection between the technology and the human dimension in the context of the ever-changing landscape. It arms you with ideas that you can apply to design, innovation, strategy, and business models for the various facets of mobile communication connectivity and service.
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E-books on LCDs AND LEDs

Fundamentals Fundamentals of solid-state lighting : LEDs, OLEDs, and their applications in illumination and displays
Khanna, Vinod Kumar, 1952- author.
The Liquid Crystal Display Story : 50 Years of Liquid Crystal R&D that lead The Way to the Future
Koide, Naoyuki. editor.
Organic light emitting diodes : the use of rare earth and transition metals
Pereira, Luiz.
LED packaging_ LED packaging for lighting applications : design, manufacturing, and testing
Liu, S. (Sheng), 1963-
Using LEDs, LCDs, and GLCDs in microcontroller projects
Ibrahim, Dogan.
Power supplies for LED driving
Winder, Steve.
Liquid crystal physics Liquid crystal displays  : fundamental physics & technology
Chen, Robert H., 1947-
Introduction to Flat Panel Displays
Lee, Jiun-Haw.
Organic light-emitting diodes  : Principles, characteristics, and processes
Kalinowski, Jan.
oled display fundamentals OLED displays : fundamentals and applications
Tsujimura, Takatoshi.
Liquid Crystal Displays : Addressing Schemes and Electro-Optical Effects
Lueder, Ernst.
51JcrKx-hrL__AA160_ LCD backlights
Kobayashi, Shunsuke.

Please also refer to this list for printed books available at our library.

Factsheet on the Power sector in Singapore


Interested to know the overview of Singapore energy landscape and challenges and developments in the power sector? Do you know that the power grid in Singapore is one of the most reliable in the world and natural gas is the dominant fuel for electricity generation in Singapore?

The title ‘EMA-MOE Energy for Educators Forum: Factsheet on the Power sector in Singapore by Energy Market Authority,   available in Lee Wee Nam Library Reserve Book Collection (Call number: TJ163.2.E53) gives information about the power sector in Singapore. The contents include

Part 1: Overview of Singapore energy landscape and challenges
About the power sector
Electricity sector
Gas Sector
Singapore’s energy challenge

Part 2: Enabling the Efficient Use of Energy
Pilot Initiative to Redesign Electricity Bills
Singapore Power Electricity Efficiency Center
Energy Conservation Act (ECA)
Mandatory Energy  Labelling Scheme
Demand Response

Part 3: Emerging Developments within the Power Sector
Singapore’s 1st Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal on Jurong  Island
Multi-Utilities Business
Manpower Development
Research and Development

Accompanying materials include the newsletter “A rewarding & meaningful career in the power sector and Brochure on energy-industry scholarship, Singapore’s first dedicated scholarship for power sector.