Electronic Resources

     Electronic Books    

Currently the Library has more than 130,000 e-books, of which 100,000 are Chinese titles. The e-book collection includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks and monographs on many subject areas, such as computing, chemistry, mathematics, physics, biological science, economics, business, engineering and general reference works.

You can search for e-books in the Library Catalogue

     Electronic Journals    

NTU Library subscribes to about 36,000 electronic journals. To begin your search, use the Library Subscribed E-Journals: A-to-Z List.


     Electronic Databases   

If you are conducting a comprehensive search on a specific topic, start with the databases!

NTU Library subscribes to over 130 databases. Several are specifically dedicated to engineering and they are categorized as:

There are also other type of databases under the categories of:

For a more complete listing of relevant databases, please go to Library Databases webpage. 


     Databases vs. Electronic Journals   


What is the difference between electronic databases and electronic journals?

An electronic database is usually a collection of:

  1. scholarly articles from electronic journals grouped by subject matter,
  2. statistical data or data sets, or
  3. news

It usually comes with a search engine or search platform and helpful features, such as email alerts, search history, etc.

An electronic journal is an electronic version of a journal. New journals may start out as electronic and does not have a print equivalent. The journal publisher will usually group the issues of the same journal together and even offer a simple search feature.