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New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Deploying IPv6 in 3GPP networks : evolving mobile broadband from 2G to LTE and beyond
By Korhonen, Jouni.
TK5103.48325.K16, Lee Wee Nam Library

Deploying IPv6 in 3GPP Networks covers how Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is currently defined in the industry standards for cellular mobile broadband, why and how this route was taken in the technology, and what is the current reality of the deployment. Furthermore, it offers the authors’ views on how some possible IPv6 related advances 3GPP networks may be improved during the coming years. It gives guidance how to implement and deploy IPv6 correctly in the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) mobile broadband environment, and what issues one may face when doing so. The book covers 3GPP technologies from 2G to LTE, and offers some ideas for the future. [As taken from Amazon]

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Small cell networks : deployment, PHY techniques, and resource management                             

By Quek, Tony Q. S.
TK5103.2.S635, Lee Wee Nam Library

This comprehensive resource explores state-of-the-art advances in the successful deployment and operation of small cell networks. A broad range of technical challenges, and possible solutions, are addressed, including practical deployment considerations and interference management techniques, all set within the context of the most recent cutting-edge advances. Key aspects covered include 3GPP standardisation, applications of stochastic geometry, PHY techniques, MIMO techniques, handover, and radio resource management, including techniques designed to make the best possible use of the available spectrum. Detailed technical information is provided throughout, with a consistent emphasis on real-world applications. Bringing together world-renowned experts from industry and academia, this is an indispensable volume for researchers, engineers and systems designers in the wireless communication industry. [As taken from Amazon]

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Title: LTE advanced : 3GPP solution for IMT-advanced
Author: Holma, Harri.
Call number: TK5103.48325.L925ta
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The book is structured to follow the main technical areas that will be enhanced by the LTE-Advanced specifications. The main topics covered include: Carrier Aggregation; Multiantenna MIMO Transmission, Heterogeneous Networks; Coordinated Multipoint Transmission (CoMP); Relay nodes; 3GPP milestones and IMT-Advanced process in ITU-R; and LTE-Advanced Performance Evaluation. (As taken from Amazon)

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Title: LTE security
Author: Forsberg, Dan
Call number: TK5103.48325.L925
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Addressing the security solutions for LTE, a cellular technology from Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), this book shows how LTE security substantially extends GSM and 3G security. It also encompasses the architectural aspects, known as SAE, to give a comprehensive resource on the topic. Although the security for SAE/LTE evolved from the security for GSM and 3G, due to different architectural and business requirements of fourth generation systems the SAE/LTE security architecture is substantially different from its predecessors. This book presents in detail the security mechanisms employed to meet these requirements. [As taken from Amazon]

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Title:  Long Term Evolution : 3GPP LTE radio and cellular technology
Author:  Furht, Borko
Call number:  TK5103.4883.L848
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This book outlines the best way to position yourself now for future success. With coverage ranging from basic concepts to current research, this comprehensive reference contains technical information about all aspects of 3GPP LTE. It details low chip rate, high-speed downlink/uplink packet access (HSxPA)/TDSCDMA EV 1x, LTE TDD, and 3G TDD. It introduces new technologies and covers methodologies to study the performance of frequency allocation schemes. The authors also discuss the proposed architecture of Mobile IPRR and distributed dynamic architecture in wireless communication, covering performance evaluation of the TD-SCDMA LTE System.  [As taken from Amazon]