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With the proliferation of wireless network, one area will become popular – real-time multimedia applications. The development of header compression technique will also bring improvement to the wireless access.

In this article, the authors described how a robust header compression (RoHC) can be used to reduce the overhead of IP-based traffic. And Voice over IP (VoIP) may replace the voice circuits in the future wirless network applications (IEEE 802.11 technology).

A simulation study of the RoHC’s U-mode performance when applied to VoIP in an 802.11 link is described.

[Source: HEADER COMPRESSED VOIP IN IEEE 802.11 by PEDRO FORTUNA AND MANUEL RICARDO. IEEE Wireless Communications, June 2009, Volume 16 (3), pp 69-75.]

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

 a549582 Title:  Fixed/mobile convergence and beyond : unbounded mobile communications
Author:  Watson, Richard
Call number:  TK6570.M6W337
Availability:  Click here

This book discusses the various 802.11 and VoIP protocols used in FMC networks, open and proprietary communications protocols, integration of FMC networks to wired telephone networks, mobilizing applications such as text messaging and video, security issues, mobile handset requirements for FMC networks, and the administration/management of FMC networks. Special attention is given to selecting appropriate components for FMC, and numerous case histories and examples from the author’s experience are provided. [As taken from book cover]