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New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Title:  IPv6 socket API extensions : programmer’s guide
Author:  Li, Qing
Call number:  TK5105.585.L693P
Availability:  Click here

IPv6 network programming makes up a growing segment of the current market as more and more companies are writing and implementing IPv6-specific software and therefore require IPv6 socket application programming interfaces.  IPv6 is implemented on all major operating systems in use in commercial, business and home consumer environments.  According to a recent study by arstechnia.com (12/08), Mac OS leads in IPv6 penetration, followed by Linux and Windows Vista. 

This book covers the IPv6 application interface application (API) extensions and enhancements that have been made to the socket APIs. This book also explains the internal kernel implementation that realizes the services offered by the API sets and describes several standard user libraries that have been extended or created to support IPv6.  It offers examples to illustrate how to write portable applications that can run on either IPv4 or IPv6 networks. Source code will be downloadable from a companion website. [As taken from Amazon]