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Faster mechanism from natural gas to energy, capture CO2

Power generation from natural gas is expected to be more efficient, up to 70 times faster than usual methods with the discovery of a new catalyst using iron oxide and mixed conductive support. The discovery by chemical engineers from North Carolina State University (NCSU), US, could also effectively capture carbon dioxide, CO2.

Chemical looping, is a process in which a solid, oxygen rich material, also known as an “oxygen carrier”—is put in contact with natural gas. The oxygen atoms in the oxygen carrier interact with the natural gas, causing combustion that produces energy.

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Chemistry for changing times

Title: Chemistry for changing times.
Author: Hill, John William.
Call number: QD33.2.H646 2013
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The book that defined the liberal arts chemistry course, Chemistry for Changing Times remains the most visually appealing and readable introduction on the subject. The Thirteenth Edition increases its focus on student engagement – with revised “Have You Ever Wondered?” questions, new Learning Objectives in each chapter linked to end of chapter problems, and new Green Chemistry content, closely integrated with the text. Abundant applications and examples fill each chapter, and material is updated throughout to mirror the latest scientific developments in a fast-changing world. Compelling chapter opening photos, a focus on Green Chemistry, and the “It DOES Matter” features highlight current events and enable students to relate to the book more readily.

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Kitchen Chemistry: Our love of food is helping bring science to the masse

It has become increasingly popular among cooks to think about the chemistry of cooking.

Kent Kirshenbaum,a chemistry professor at New York University (NYU), hopes to engage the general public in science while adding a level of precision to the art of cooking. He’s encouraging people to think more often about the chemical and physical transformation happening in their frying pans or ovens.

To read more about the article, please refer to the e-journal “Chemical & Engineering News” ,7 July 2008, Volume 86, Number 27 pp. 26-30 (Author: Lisa M Jarvis)

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