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Strange but true : Cockroaches lose sweet tooth to survive!

Image taken  from R&D magazine

Image taken from R&D magazine

Could the evolutionary prowess of cockroaches survive til the end of Earth ? It is a common joke that roaches are so resilient that they are the ‘unbeatable species’ , they might even last if there is a nuclear war!
So, it isn’t surprising when scientists reported in Science journal last week about roaches outgrowing their love for sweets found in the bait!

Ayako Wada-Katsumata, and his team found that some mutant German cockroaches’s brain sent out signal to stay away from the syrup and other high sugar content baits found in household pest control. These might be one of the reason why normal baits don’t work anymore.

“In normal cockroaches, glucose excites neurons that tell the brain “Sweet!” In the mutant insects, glucose activates neurons that say “Sweet!” and ones that say “Yuck!” The “Yuck!” neurons dampen the signal from the others, so the brain gets the message the taste is awful. This unusual nerve activity appeared in glucose-hating cockroaches collected from Puerto Rico as well as descendants of the Florida insects.”

[excerpt from R&D mag : http://www.rdmag.com/news/2013/05/cockroaches-quickly-lose-sweet-tooth-survive]