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New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Communication networks : an optimization, control, and stochastic networks perspective
By Rayadurgam Srikant
TK5101.S774c, Lee Wee Nam Library

Provides a modern mathematical approach to the design of communication networks for graduate students, blending control, optimization, and stochastic network theories. A broad range of performance analysis tools are discussed, including important advanced topics that have been made accessible to students for the first time. Taking a top-down approach to network protocol design, the authors begin with the deterministic model and progress to more sophisticated models. Network algorithms and protocols are tied closely to the theory, illustrating the practical engineering applications of each topic. [As taken from Amazon]

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Title: Selected topics in communication networks and distributed systems
Author: Misra, Sudip
Call number: TK5101.S464
Availability: Click here

Communication networks and distributed system technologies are undergoing rapid advancements. The last few years have experienced a steep growth in research on different aspects in these areas. Even though these areas hold great promise for our future, there are several challenges that need to be addressed. This review volume discusses important issues in selected emerging and matured topics in communication networks and distributed systems. [As taken from Amazon]

New titles for Communication and Information Engineering

  Title:  Reconfigurable antennas
Author:  Bernhard, Jennifer Lyn Truman
Publisher:  Morgan & Claypool
ISBN:  1598290266


  Title:  Computer communication networks : analysis and design
Author:  Gebali, Fayez
Publisher:  Northstar Digital Design
ISBN:  0968611621


  Title:  The practitioner’s guide to biometrics
Author:  Coats, William Sloan
Publisher:  ABA Section of Science & Technology Law
ISBN:  9781590317495


  Title:  Combinatorial method with computer applications
Author:  Gross, Jonathan L
Publisher:  Chapman & Hall/CRC
ISBN:  9781584887430