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New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Title: Communication and cyberspace
Author: Plotkin, Robert.
Call number: TK5101.P729
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The telegraph fundamentally changed the way communication happened, since the telegraph was the first time data was sent electrically over a wire. For many, computers have overtaken various methods of conversation as a means of communication. Communication and Cyberspace traces the history of communication technology and explores the many ways in which computers and the Internet are now being used to facilitate communication. Covering the history of communication technology, this new, full-color resource examines how staying in touch with friends and family has gotten easier with the invention of newer technological advancements and how some of these advancements have even accommodated people with disabilities. [As taken from Amazon]

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

  Title:  Communication technology update and fundamentals
Author:  Grant, August E.
Call number:  TK5101.C734CT
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Communication Technology Update provides the latest developments, trends, and issues in communication technology. Now in its 11th edition, Communication Technology Update has become an indispensable information resource for business, government, and academia.

The book provides the latest developments and market statistics, and now covers mobile computing, digital photography, personal computers, digital television, and electronic games, in addition to the two dozen technologies explored in the previous edition. The book has also been expanded to cover inustry structure and regulation, history, and theory along with full coverage of the latest technologies! [As taken from book cover]