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New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Cyber security and resiliency policy framework
By NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Best Practices and Innovative Approaches to Develop Cyber Security and Resiliency Policy Framework (2013 : Ohrid, Macedonia)
TK5105.875.I57N279 2013, Lee Wee Nam Library


Cyberspace is a ubiquitous realm interconnecting every aspect of modern society, enabled by broadband networks and wireless signals around us, existing within local area networks in our schools, hospitals and businesses, and within the massive grids that power most countries. Securing cyberspace to ensure the continuation of growing economies and to protect a nations way of life is a major concern for governments around the globe.This book contains papers presented at the NATO Advanced Research Workshop ARW entitled Best Practices and Innovative Approaches to Develop Cyber Security and Resiliency Policy Framework, held in Ohrid.
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New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Security in cyberspace : targeting nations, infrastructures, individuals
Edited by Giampiero Giacomello.
TK5105.59.S446sct, Lee Wee Nam Library

Cybersecurity means protecting information and control systems from those who seek to compromise them. It also involves actors, both malicious or protective, policies and their societal consequences. This collection of essays provides a better understanding of the risks, perceptions, and myths that surround cybersecurity by looking at it from three different levels of analysis: the sovereign state, the infrastructure and stakeholders of the Internet, and the individual. The essays explore such issues as information ownership, censorship, cyberwars, cyberterrorism, privacy, and rebellion, bringing together expert knowledge from computer science and the social sciences with case studies. It reviews existing policies and practices and discusses the threats and benefits of living in an increasingly networked world.[As taken from Amazon]

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Title: Communication and cyberspace
Author: Plotkin, Robert.
Call number: TK5101.P729
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The telegraph fundamentally changed the way communication happened, since the telegraph was the first time data was sent electrically over a wire. For many, computers have overtaken various methods of conversation as a means of communication. Communication and Cyberspace traces the history of communication technology and explores the many ways in which computers and the Internet are now being used to facilitate communication. Covering the history of communication technology, this new, full-color resource examines how staying in touch with friends and family has gotten easier with the invention of newer technological advancements and how some of these advancements have even accommodated people with disabilities. [As taken from Amazon]