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New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Optical transmission and networks for next generation internet traffic highways
By Fouad Mohammed Abbou, Hiew Chee Choong.
TK5103.592.F52A134, Lee Wee Nam Library


Optical Transmission and Networks for Next Generation Internet Traffic Highways provides a broader perspective of the parameters involved in the transmission of optical signals using optical soliton systems, OCDM-WDM, SCM-WDM and OTDM-WDM. This timely publication is ideal for use by technical managers, graduate students, engineers and technicians involved in the fiber-optics industry, and scientists working in the field of optical communications. [As taken from Amazon]

Bringing Light to Computers-IBM research could bring the speed of fiber-optic networks to the chips inside personal computers.

Directing traffic: IBM has developed silicon switches that can be used to control the flow of data in on-chip optical networks. Each of the eight switches above is made of five ring-shaped resonators. The image was taken with an optical microscope.
Credit: IBM


Researchers at IBM recently announced a nanoscale silicon switch that can direct trillions of bits of data per second within an optical network. The switch could make it possible to incorporate the speed and bandwidth of a telecommunications network into a personal computer, say the researchers. This is an increasingly important goal for engineers as they look for the best design for future multicore machines–computers with more than one processing center. Continue reading