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“Virtual Singapore” $73 million 3D platform ready by 2017

The National Research Foundation announced that Singapore’s S$73 million 3D city model platform will be owned and operated by the Singapore Land Authority when completed. “The NRF unveiled plans for the Virtual Singapore project – one of the projects under the Smart Nation vision outlined by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong – last week.” [See more in this Channel News Asia report dated 1 Dec 2014: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/virtual-singapore-project/1503528.html]

The simulation system “will show virtual 3-D replicas of buildings, roads, trees, carpark lots and other above-ground structures” … “Using the model, the Government can then test-bed solutions and simulations running on top of the map to help tackle liveability issues such as crowd control, flooding and noise levels.” [See more at: http://digital.asiaone.com/digital/news/creating-3-d-map-singapore-2017]

Preview the “3D City Model with Semantics” in this short youtube clip posted by Today online:

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New title for Environmental Engineering

Title: Exploring water resources
Editor: Hall, Michelle K.
Call number: GB656.2.H9E96
Availability: Click here

A hands-on guide for computer novices, this workbook shows how to use geographic information system (GIS) software to manipulate and analyze large data sets. Based on observations derived from real research programs, the ten exercises explore global water sources, precipitation patterns, water use, and groundwater issues. Step-by-step instructions guide students through launching the ArcMap application, finding files, manipulating map views, and querying databases. [As provided by Syndetic Solutions]

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

 a474153 Title:  Location-based services and geo-information engineering
Author:  Brimicombe, Allan
Call number:  TK5105.65.B857
Availability:  Click here

Location-Based Services (LBS) are the delivery of data and information services where the content of those services is tailored to the current location and context of a mobile user. This is a new and fast-growing technology sector incorporating GIS, wireless technologies, positioning systems and mobile human-computer interaction. Geo-Information (GI) Engineering is the design of dependably engineered solutions to society’s use of geographical information and underpins applications such as LBS. These are brought together in this comprehensive text that takes the reader through from source data to product delivery. [As taken from book cover]

New title for Environmental & Water Resources Engineering

spatial Title:  Spatial Management of Risks
Editor:  Gerard Brugnot
Call number:  GF23.M35G393
Availability:  Click here

Spatial analysis is an increasingly important tool for detecting and preventing numerous risk and crisis phenomena such as floods in a geographical area. This book concentrates on examples of prevention but also gives crisis control advice and practical case studies.  Some chapters address urban applications in which vulnerabilities are concentrated in area; others address more rural areas with more scattered phenomena.  [Publishers info]
Chapter 1 From prevention to risk management: use of GIS
Chapter 2 Coupled use of spatial analysis and fuzzy arithmetic: assessing the vulnerability of a watershed to phytosanitary products
Chapter 3 Agricultural non-point source pollution
Chapter 4 Cartographic index and history of road sites that face natural hazards in the province of Turin
Chapter 5 Forest & mountain natural risks
Chapter 6 GIS and modeling in forest fire prevention
Chapter 7 Spatial decision support and multi-agent systems
Chapter 8 Flood monitoring systems
Chapter 9 Geography applied to mapping flood-sensitive areas
Chapter 10 Information systems and diked areas
Chapter 11 Geomatics and urban risk management

New title on Transportation

Title:  Designing geodatabases for transportation
Author:  Butler, J. Allison
Call number:  TA1165.B985
Availability:  Click here

Designing geodatabases for Transportation is a groundbreaking guide for GIS professionals and others responsible for highways, rail systems and navigable waterways. It goes beyond the traditional map-centric orientation of other spatial data books to supply clear and detailed directions for enterprise geodatabase design. [As taken from book cover].