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New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Introduction to digital image processing

By William K. Pratt.
TA1632.P917n, Lee Wee Nam Library

The textbook examines the basic technologies needed to support image processing applications, including the characterization of continuous images, image sampling and quantization techniques, and two-dimensional signal processing techniques. It then covers the two principle areas of image processing: image enhancement and restoration techniques and extraction of information from an image. [As taken from Amazon]

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Video surveillance techniques and technologies
By Zeljkovic, Vesna.
TK6680.3.Z49, Lee Wee Nam Library

This book presents empirical research and acquired experience on the original solutions and mathematical algorithms for motion detection and object identification problems. Emphasizing a wide variety of applications of security systems, this book is an essential tool for graduate students and professionals in the field of signal and image processing applied in static/moving object detection, tracking, and identification. [As taken from Amazon]

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Multimodal biometrics and intelligent image processing for security systems
By Gavrilova, Marina L.
TK7882.B56G283, Lee Wee Nam Library

Although it is a relatively new approach to biometric knowledge representation, multimodal biometric systems have emerged as an innovative alternative that aids in developing a more reliable and efficient security system.

Multimodal Biometrics and Intelligent Image Processing for Security Systems provides an in-depth description of existing and fresh fusion approaches for multimodal biometric systems. Covering relevant topics affecting the security and intelligent industries, this reference will be useful for readers from both academia and industry in the areas of pattern recognition, security, and image processing domains. [As taken from Amazon]

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Title: Feature extraction & image processing for computer vision
Author: Aguado, Alberto S.
Call number: TA1637.N736 2012
Availability: Click here

Fully updated with the latest developments in feature extraction, including expanded tutorials and new techniques, this new edition contains extensive new material on Haar wavelets, Viola-Jones, bilateral filtering, SURF, PCA-SIFT, moving object detection and tracking, development of symmetry operators, LBP texture analysis, Adaboost, and a new appendix on color models. Coverage of distance measures, feature detectors, wavelets, level sets and texture tutorials has been extended. [As taken from Amazon]

Computer vision technology in the food and beverage industries

Title: Computer vision technology in the food and beverage industries
Author:  Sun, Da-Wen
Call number: TP370.5.C738
Availability:  Click here

Contributors mostly from the science and engineering side, but also the food and agriculture side, describe some of the ways computer vision could be and is being used in processing operations and quality control in the food and beverage business. The topics include hyperspectral and multispectral imaging, image processing techniques, computer vision for automatic sorting, detecting and removing foreign bodies, the image analysis of food microstructure, real-time ultrasound imaging methods for the quality control of meat, fish, evaluating grain quality, and developing a multispectral imaging system for evaluating the quality of cereal gains and grain products. Annotation ©2012 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)
[As taken from Syndetics]